Great Circle Maps

On a great circle map, a straight line from the center of the map to any other point on the earth lies along the great circle path to that point, which happens to be the path followed, usually, by radio waves.

SkookumLogger has two map display windows. The Great Circle Map window shows an image that includes all of the earth:

The Maidenhead Map window shows a circular segment of the full-earth projection with embedded grid lines and Maidenhead labels, like this:

The maps are contained in image files. You need a separate image file for each kind of map that you want to use.

These maps are only useful when they are centered near your location. This web page has a selection of links to maps for different locations. To use a map in SkookumLogger, download it to your computer, show the appropriate map window, then use the appropriate Windows ▶ Maps ▶ Change Great Circle Map or Windows ▶ Maps ▶ Change Maidenhead Map command to load the image file.

The map names in the lists below use the call of the requester or a name for the general geographic area. The Maidenhead locator for the map center coordinates is shown in parentheses. The names are ordered by locator in the lists to help you find a map near your location. For Great Circle Maps, matching the first four characters of the locator is close enough. For Maidenhead Maps, you might want to match the first six characters of the locator.

Contact me with your geographic coordinates or Maidenhead locator if you need a map added to this page. For Maidenhead maps, also include the span of the map from bottom to top along the vertical diagonal through the center, in degrees. The span of the example map above is 60°.

Great Circle Maps

Maidenhead Maps

Beginning with SkookumLogger version 2.3.3, if you have an older version of one of these files, you will need to download a replacement.