Frequency Text Command

This command converts what you type into a frequency in kHz and sets the radio with transmit focus to that frequency.

Type a frequency in kHz into either call field and press return. You can include a decimal point in the frequency. If you have the  Remap ‘.’ key to ‘?’ key in Call field  Logging option enabled, a question mark in the typed frequency will be treated as a decimal point. If the frequency is less than 1000, it is treated as offset from the current band edge in kHz. The radio is set to transceive on that frequency. 

If you type an asterisk (*) before the frequency, the frequency is processed as above and used to set the radio transmit frequency without changing the receive frequency.

If you type an ampersand (&) before the frequency while Run has transmit focus, the subreceiver will be set to the frequency. If the operating mode is not 1T2R, or if Pounce has transmit focus, or if Radio 1 doesn't have a subreceiver, or if Radio 1 is in SPLIT mode, or if the subreceiver diversity mode (K3) is on, nothing happens.

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