Data Encode/Decode

SkookumLogger supports FSK and PSK with the Elecraft K4, K3 and KX3, which have builtin encoders and decoders. 

Received text is the normal text color, transmitted text is colored red. 

To use the  Grab  command, first set keyboard focus to the QSO entry field you want to fill, then select the received text that you want to copy. Double-clicking on a word copies it to the call field of the QSO entry box with keyboard focus. 

Messages longer than 23 characters are truncated by SkookumLogger to avoid overflowing a buffer in the radio.

When you have some other means for sending and receiving these data modes, you can use SkookumLogger for logging by using text commands or the  Phantom  radio type to determine frequency and mode for your QSOs. For digital modes other than FSK or PSK, choose Data as the mode.

Note  Received data messages that contain the CAT terminator character (semicolon) are truncated at the location of the semicolon.

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