SkookumLogger supports two SO2R devices produced as kits by the Yankee Clipper Contest Club (YCCC), the YCCC SO2R+ Box and the YCCC SO2R Mini. Each provides computer-controller switching between two radios for audio signals, a foot switch, and an internal CW keyer. The Box has indicators, toggle switches, and a CW speed pot, while the Mini is a much smaller unit with no indicators or controls.

When the operating mode is One Transmitter One Receiver or One Transmitter Two Receivers, SkookumLogger sets the SO2R to use Radio 1, and disables the audio routing choices and turns off blending in the user interface.

By default, SkookumLogger uses the YCCC SO2R Box+. Check  Use Mini instead of Box  to use the YCCC SO2R Mini.

Use of the keyer emulation in the SO2R device for sending CW is optional if you have a real WinKeyer enabled in the  Morse Keyers  window. The  Use SO2R Keyer  option in the  Morse Keyers  window must be on to use an emulation.

The  Box Radio Mapping  and the  Box Blend Mode  options are not available in the YCCC SO2R Mini. Both YCCC SO2R devices support the options in the  Audio Routing  box.

Note: The firmware provided with the SO2R Mini needs to be updated to work with SkookumLogger. The firmware and instructions for performing the update on macOS are available  here .

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