XK-24 Keypad

An  X-keys XK-24  USB keypad is configured in the  XK-24 Keypad  window, opened via  Windows   External Devices   XK-24 Keypad . This device is automatically enabled if connected.

The keypad has 24 buttons that can be assigned to SkookumLogger commands. The command for each button is configured popup menus that list the available commands.

Most commands are prefixed with the name of the corresponding SkookumLogger menu and perform the same function as choosing them from the menu.

The  Select Antenna for Key ID  command chooses receive and transmit antennas. When you press a keypad key, the ID for the key is identified at the bottom of the window. You associate this ID with an antenna choice using the Keypad ID property in the  antenna switching  configuration file.

The  Select Best Antennas  command combines commands for selecting the best transmit antenna and the best receive antenna for the current target bearing.

The blue button backlight indicates a selected antenna or P3 span setting. For Radio 2 antennas, the backlight is red. If both red and blue backlights are lit, the antenna switch has reported a conflict — one radio tried to select an antenna in use by the other radio.

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