New Log CW Messages Preferences

In the  Morse Messages  box,  Menu Title  defines the menu titles that appear in the  Messages  menu for each of the 16 basic messages, and  Tokenized Message  defines the corresponding message content. Some messages have fixed menu titles. You should not alter the roles for these message, because other Messages commands and your Special Keys create combination messages using those messages to create compound messages. You can set different shortcut keys for your messages, but you should think carefully about change the default F1 through F8 assignments.

Menu titles may be anything you like, but SkookumLogger has special processing for messages with “CQ” in their title. First, transmitting the message increments the CQ count shown in the Score window. Second, depending on your radio configuration options SkookumLogger may change keyboard and/or transmit focus before transmitting the message.

Any message definition may contain one or more message tokens. There are two restrictions on using tokens:

In addition to tokens, a message definition may contain any character in the  WinKeyer character set . Alphabetic characters may be lower case. Unrecognized characters are ignored.

The  Magic Messages  box in the CW tab of your Messages preferences defines the message content for the six states of the  Magic Message processor . Typically these messages are largely defined by reference to the 16 basic CW messages using tokens.

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