Font and Color Preferences

Logging preferences has a panel for choosing fonts and colors.

Fixed-pitch font  lists the names of the fonts that are likely to have a slashed zero, important for distinguishing 0 from O. SkookumLogger will find these fonts if they are installed on your system: Anadale Mono, Courier, Courier New, Inconsolata, JetBrains Mono, Menlo, Monaco, PT Mono, SF Mono.

Each of the six style menus list the styles available for the selected fixed-pitch font.

QSO entry style applies to the QSO entry fields in the Log window, except for the call field.

The other five styles apply to calls as described in  Fonts and Colors .

Partial match underline color  is used for underlining characters in known calls in the  Partials  pane that are either matched or not matched, depending on the  Underline unmatched characters  option in  Logging  preferences.

Entry field background highlight color  determines the background color for the call field when the call is exactly matched to a known call in the Partials pane, and for other QSO entry fields when SkookumLogger has pre-filled the field value. In addition, the color determines the highlight color behind the text of an exactly-matched call in the Partials pane.

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