Basic Messages

Basic messages transmit text converted to Morse code with no side-effects. Many are used as components of compound messages and intelligent messages.

The default titles and content for basic messages in new logs are defined in the CW Messages tab of New Log preferences. The titles appear on the Messages menu. You can customize some of the titles, marked with † below, using either the preferences to affect all new log, or the Morse Messages editor for the current log.

Use the Morse Messages Editor to define the content of these messages for CW mode, and the Data Messages Editor to define content for data modes. For SSB, use the SSB tab in Messages preferences to associate a basic message with a DVR message number.

The content of CW and Data messages can include  tokens  that are substituted just before the message is transmitted.

Exchange  — Your sent exchange, displayed in the prompt line in the Log window

Repeat Serial Number  — The serial number for the current QSO, or for the previous QSO if the current QSO is empty.

Acknowledge  — Your “I got it, thanks” message.

My Call  — Your own contest call.

His Call  — The other station’s call

†  Call?   — Ask for a repeat

?   — Ask anyone listening to send their call

†  Again  — Ask for a repeat

Short Acknowledge  — A concise acknowledge for use when you know another caller is waiting

Defend   — A “frequency is in use” message. In 2T2R, the message is sent on the radio that doesn’t have keyboard focus. If necessary, sending is aborted and transmit focus is changed to that radio. Morse message tokens are not processed in this message.

Unstack QSO   — A special case. See  Call Stacking .

†  User 1 … User 5   — Messages to be fully customized by you.

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