CQ Messages

SkookumLogger increments a counter each time you send a CQ message, including customized messages with CQ in their title. The count is displayed in the Score window.

CQ  — The basic CQ message. For 1T1R and 1T2R, transmit focus is changed to Run before transmitting if the  CQ changes focus to Run  option is set in Messages preferences. For 2T2R, transmit focus is toggled before transmitting. 

Beacon CQ   — Transmits the basic CQ message. When the message ends, the basic CQ message is added to the message queue again after a delay determined by the  CW Beacon Delay  setting in Messages preferences. When a Beacon CQ message is transmitting and  Abort  is triggered, beacon CQing is paused. When paused, the  CQ  message resumes beacon CQing. Sending with the paddle, or typing into a Run QSO entry field when the  Typing stops CQ  option in Messages preferences is enabled, also pauses beacon CQ. The label  Beacon CQ  appears in the Log window below the search field and the menu item is checked when beaconing. The label changes to  (Beacon CQ)  and the checkmark on the menu item changes to “—” when beaconing is paused. In either of these states, choosing the  Beacon CQ  menu item turns beaconing off.

Copy Pounce to Run + CQ  (1T1R and 1T2R) — Copies the frequencies and mode of the Pounce entry box to the Run entry box, changes transmit focus and keyboard focus to Run, then adds the basic CQ message to the message queue.

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