Compound Messages

Compound messages combine basic messages to construct common messages that can be transmitted with a single key press. These messages cannot be directly edited, but their content depends on the content of their basic messages components.

The messages with Focus their name are hidden in 2T2R; they set transmit focus and keyboard focus before transmitting the message.

Note:  Messages with Focus in their name have been removed as of version 3.1.8. They tell your radio and amplifier to change frequency and begin transmitting with almost no delay. Transmitting might begin before your radio/amplifier has completed the change, which can cause hot-switching or clipping of the beginning of the message. To avoid this possibility, do not use these compound messages. Instead use the equivalent focus command and basic message, waiting for the frequency change to complete before starting the message.

Messages with Log in their name log the QSO for the entry field that had keyboard focus at the time the message was added to the message queue.

When the  Correct mode  option in Messages preferences is checked, compound messages with Log in their name will prepend the call about to be logged if it differs from the call that was transmitted as His Call.

The  Call Again  message sends the content of the call field with transmit focus, with ‘?’ appended when the content has less than 3 characters. In 2T2R, the beginning of the message is delayed by the duration of your sent exchange at the current sending speed. This is an alternative to simply sending the  His Call  message to stimulate someone to call again when you have part of their call.

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