K4 Mini-Pan

This window, titled K4 Mini-Pan A, is only available when the Radio 1 type is K4 TCP, and the radio is enabled. The K4 must have firmware version R31.B2 or newer. The resizeable window displays the dB/bin data delivered by the K4 for the K4 main receiver mini-panadapter. The window ignores your system dark/light mode choice to avoid contrast issues with colored content against the window background. In addition to the data display, the window shows these adornments:

The dB/bin data is displayed as a yellow line plot. Right-click inside the window to chose how many sweeps are averaged in the display. Larger averages smooth the line plot but delay how quickly signals appear and disappear.

If you click inside the window, the window becomes active and the cursor changes to a crosshair. If you click again, the K4 RIT/XIT offset is set to the frequency offset from the horizontal center of the window, corresponding to the main receive frequency, to the click point, and the Log window is made active. The effect of setting the RIT/XIT offset depends on which of Run or Pounce has transmit focus.

For the Run case, the K4 TCP module turns RIT on and XIT off. The click point offset is added to the existing offset, which changes the main receiver frequency causing the the dB/bin plot to recenter on the clicked point. The transmit frequency does not change, so the location of the transmit frequency cursor relative to the center of the plot does move. Use this behavior to jump the receiver to a caller outside your passband without moving your transmit frequency. Use CLR or a K•Pod function key to return the main receiver frequency to your transmit frequency; the plot will recenter again.

For the Pounce case, RIT is off and XIT is on, so changing the offset changes your transmit frequency without recentering the plot; only the transmit frequency cursor moves. Use this behavior to set your transmit frequency where the station you are calling is most likely to hear you — sometimes zero-beat to a previous caller, sometimes where nobody else is calling. Clear the offset as above to transmit exactly where you are listening. 

Alternatively, in Pounce mode hold the shift key when doing the second click to clear the offset and recenter the plot. Use this behavior to quickly fine-tune where you are listening in pounce mode.

The K4 dB/bin server connection is closed when the window is closed to reduce the (small) CPU load. The connection uses the K4 IP address and the CAT port + 1. You set these parameters as described in  TCP Devices .

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