Tracking Mode  buttons determine how the the center frequency adjusts as you change frequencies:

Track main receiver  — follows the main receive frequency

Track subreceiver  — follows the subreceiver frequency

Fixed-tune  — sets the center frequency as described below

Tracking mode is selected with these buttons or using items in the Radio menus.

The four  Span  options determine the SPAN value for each of the four span/centering modes, and apply for any tracking mode:

Narrow  — Use when CQing to see signals close to your run frequency

Medium  — Use when S&P to see signals with moderate separation

Wide  — Use when checking a band for activity

Focus  — Use when monitoring a split pileup

It is your responsibility to choose span values supported by your panadapter. The active span option is set by corresponding Radio menu items.

The  Centering  options set the center frequency for the Fixed-tune tracking mode:

N spans  — Center frequency set to include the main receiver frequency with the lower edge of the display an integer number of spans up from the band edge, usually used with medium and wide spans

RX  — Center frequency = main receiver frequency, usually used with narrow span

Split  — Center frequency = main receiver frequency + 0.45 * span, usually used with focus span

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