Checksheet Windows

A checksheet is a table of multipliers, such as countries, with columns for each band and counts indicating how many QSOs you have made with each multiplier on each band. 

SkookumLogger has six kinds of checksheets for different kinds of multipliers: Countries, Regions (states, provinces, etc.), Grids (Maidenhead locators), Prefixes, Zones, and “Other”. The other multiplier type is used for contests where there are two sets of multipliers of the same kind, typically regions, and for contests with odd-ball multipliers like unique call signs.

The multipliers for some checksheets are grouped by area. For example, countries are grouped by their continent. You can limit the checksheet table to show one group by choosing the group name in an area pop up menu above the table.

Checksheets also have a  Mode  pop up button. When you have set your Category Mode to a single mode in the log’s  Cabrillo settings , the pop up shows that mode and is disabled. Otherwise — Mixed mode — the pop up lists all of the modes specified by the log’s contest rules and choosing a mode changes the table to show the number of QSOs with each multiplier for that mode. When multipliers are not per-mode, consult the Score window to see your multiplier counts.

Checksheets with a large number of possible entities (grids, zones) or unpredictable number of entities (prefixes, other) list only multipliers that you have worked at least once.

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