Sending QTCs

When a new series is created, all of the  QTC Series  table items are filled in for you, the  QTCs for Selected Series  table is filled with information from your log, and the first row in that table is selected.

Choose  Next QTC (F8)  to send the selected row. SkookumLogger indicates that the QTC for a row has been sent using your Worked Before font. If the radio mode is CW, SkookumLogger also sends the three items in the selected row as a Morse message. The selected row is automatically advanced appropriately until you ready the end of the table. Continue choosing  Next QTC  until all rows have been sent, then choose  End Series (F9) .

The Repeat buttons are convenience commands for sending fills for parts of CW QTCs. They apply to the QTC of the selected row in the  QTCs for Selected Series  table. You can change the selected row after sending all QTCs using the up and down arrow keys. You also can resend all of a particular QTC using the buttons showing the row labels. The shortcuts for these buttons are  n, where n is the QTC number (use 0 for QTC 10). Note that these shortcuts apply only when the QTC Series window is active.

Once you have started a new series, you can finish at any time by choosing  End Series , even if the number of QTCs indicated by the count has not been transferred. If you are in run mode, End Series also sends the  End Series  message.  Delete Series  is always enabled, it removes the selected QTC series from your log, resets the sent-as-QTC flags for the associated QSOs and returns keyboard focus to the Log window. You might want to delete a series if it wasn't properly completed.

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