Time Tracker

The  Time Tracker  tool displays, umm, time information for your log.

All contests have a beginning and end. Time Tracker shows the beginning as the  Start Date , and determines the end by adding the  Contest duration  to the Start Date. SkookumLogger presets these fields for new logs, but may guess wrong, so you should always check them for a new log before you begin making QSOs. The  Suspect QSO  (SQ) flag is set for QSOs logged outside the contest period.

Some contests, typically USA QSO parties, have a break in the middle. SkookumLogger handles these using a list of mandatory break periods. The Suspect QSO flag is set for QSOs logged within a mandatory break period.

The  Do not test for Suspect times  option in  Logging  preferences disables these two tests.

Some contests limit the amount of operating time to less than the duration. In this case, the  Maximum on time  field shows the limit, the limit may depend on your entry category. 

“On time” is the accumulated time during which you are making QSOs during the contest period. “Off time” is the accumulated time during which you were not making QSOs. SkookumLogger detects the beginning of an off time by comparing the difference between the current time and the time of the most recent QSO against the  Minimum off period  field, shown when you expose the Off times panel in Time Tracker. Some contests specify this value, otherwise SkookumLogger sets it to 10 minutes. The value affects rate tables presented in your statistics report. Shorter off periods generally “improve” your rates. The Begin time of an off time is the most recent QSO time. When you log the next QSO, the off period ends and the End time of the off time is set to that QSO’s time and SkookumLogger resumes accumulating on time. The table of all off times is reported in the Cabrillo header.

A start date at January 1 of the current year indicates that SkookumLogger know it cannot guess the value. You can create a new log for a contest any time before the end of the contest .You can edit the  Start Date, Contest Duration  and  Maximum On Time  items. Use the  Apply Changes  button to save the changes and update the current log.

Changing the  Time Category  item in your Cabrillo settings sheet affects the  Maximum On Time  value appropriately. The  Not Applicable  choice returns the value to the default for Single Operator entrants.

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