Sent Exchange Editor

When you create a new log, SkookumLogger guesses an appropriate sent exchange using the contest rules and information that you provide in the  Sent Exchange  tab of the New Log preferences pane. The sent exchange for the next QSO is displayed in the main window. If the guess is wrong or you need to change an exchange field because, for example, you have changed counties in a QSO party, use this editor. 

Important:  You  must  set your sent exchange properly before you log a QSO.

It is important to ensure that the sent exchange is correct before you log any QSOs, because each logged QSO contains the sent exchange information and that information cannot be changed. The Call field must be the call you transmit during the contest. This field is copied from the Contest Call value in your Exchange preferences when you create a new log. The remaining exchange fields depend on the contest name. SkookumLogger initializes these fields from Exchange preferences but sometimes will guess wrong, particularly for contests where the exchange includes a “regional” location. For example, my “County-State” for NEQP is CARNH, while the “County-State” for W2RU in that contest would be NY. 

In addition, to the sent exchange fields for logged QSO, SkookumLogger also guesses the  Morse Sent Exchange Template , associated with the & token in CW messages. Use the Sent Exchange Editor to change the template definition. Changes that you make in the editor are saved in the log document and do not affect Exchange preference values. The Morse Sent Exchange Template field updates if you change a value in a sent exchange field. You can customize the template, but customizations will be lost if you subsequently change an exchange field value. You might want to customize, for example, by using the | character to modify spacing.

The template recognizes all of the Message Tokens listed in Messages preferences except the sent exchange token (&) and the message-n token({n). In general you should use tokens in the template. In addition to the tokens, the template may contain any character recognized by WinKeyer. Unrecognized characters are ignored when sending a message.

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