Receiving QTCs

The QTC Series window has two tables labeled  QTC Series  and  QTCs for Selected Series . The following discussion refers to these tables as the series table and the QTCs table, respectively. SkookumLogger extends standard tab key behavior in the two tables to facilitate data entry when receiving a QTC series:

When the sender responds by transmitting his QTC number/count, the steps in receiving a series proceed as follows:

If the sender transmits only two time digits, SkookumLogger will prepend the hour digits from the previous QTC when you tab out of the Time field. Typing anything other than a digit into the the Time or Serial cells is ignored, except for A, E, N, or T which are converted to 1, 5, 9 and 0 respectively.

You should try to have the QTC for the current row completely filled in before you press tab in the Serial column. You can use the four  Repeat  buttons below the table to transmit CW messages asking for fills. To change keyboard focus to an incomplete cell:

Delete Series  is always enabled. It removes the selected QTC Series from your log and returns keyboard focus to the Log window.

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