Activity Preferences

The properties defined in Activities preferences apply to all Activity windows.

Activity age limit  — Activities with ages greater than the limit are discarded. Activities generated by skimmers are separately aged out with a 10 minute limit.

Table update interval  — Determines how often SkookumLogger updates the activity tables from queues of incoming activities.

Frequency tolerance  — Determines the matching tolerance when comparing frequencies for removing nearby activities, highlighting nearby activities, and autofilling nearby activities.

Focus activity table special key  — Assigns a single key as the shortcut for changing keyboard focus from the Log to the Activity table for the log's current band.

Remove old activities near new activities  — Prevents accumulating many activities near the same frequency.

Activity  ▶︎  Create clears QSO Entry  — clears the QSO entry box fields for the box with keyboard focus after creating an activity from the contents of that box.

Pounce receive frequency change …

Fills QSO entry from nearby activity  — Fills Pounce QSO entry fields from an activity near the pounce receive frequency. If there is no activity within the tolerance, the entry fields are cleared.

Creates activity from QSO entry and clears entry  — Creates an activity when tuning by more than the tolerance after entering a call, using the information in the Pounce QSO entry pane before clearing the entry fields.

Log  ▶︎  Clear Focused QSO Entry …

Removes nearby activities  — removes activities near the same frequency as the radio when clearing a QSO entry box.

Creates activity from QSO entry  — If the QSO entry call field has a valid call sign, adds a new activity to the Activity table for the current band using the information in the QSO entry fields, then clear the QSO Entry Box.

The  Buddy Calls  list has two roles. First, any call in the list is exempted from filters that you may apply to your activity tables. Second, the list may be included in the definition of a DX Cluster  spot filter  command, so that announcements for your buddies will always pass the filter.

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