SkookumLogger uses several databases to display information in the QSO entry box and to pre-fill QSO received exchange fields. The versions for those databases are shown in the  Information Messages  window when you start SkookumLogger and when you download new versions. SkookumLogger includes default databases that are used when you haven’t downloaded more recent versions. The default databases for Countries, Super Check Partial, and CWops Roster are updated with each SkookumLogger release.

Downloaded databases and other files used by SkookumLogger are located in the standard macOS place for application support files. The path to that place is:

~/Library/Containers/com.k1gq.SkookumLogger/Data/Library/Application Support/SkookumLogger

Countries Database

The Countries database is a rich source of information. For almost any legal amateur radio call sign, the database can be used to establish things like country (ARRL DXCC and WAE), continent, zone (CQ and ITU), geographic coordinates, oblast, and more.

Super Check Partial (SCP) Database

SkookumLogger consults this list of  known calls  when performing the  Partial Call Matching  function.

RSGB Clubs Database

The  RSGB Clubs  database is a list of club names and abbreviations, used in some RSGB contests. The list is constructed by manually parsing the source code for an RSGB web page containing the relevant information and there is no mechanism available for downloading the information. Do not expect frequent updates for this database.

IARU HQ Database

Exchange Database

The  Exchange  database contains a list of calls and information associated with those calls, such as names, states, and other bits of information that may be part of a contest exchange. You construct your personal Exchange database from your own logs — there is no mechanism for importing information from other sources. Use  File   Update Exchange Database  to add information from the all the QSOs in your current log. When a received exchange field value already exists in the database, the database value is updated; otherwise it is created. There is no editor for changing or removing Exchange database entries, so be sure your log is as clean as you can make it before doing an update. 

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