Grid Information

The  Grid Information  tool window displays your grid and information about a target grid. The  Sent Grid  field is initialized with the  Grid  value in the Sent Exchange pane of New Log preferences. In contests with grid as part of the exchange,  My Grid  tracks the grid that you set in the Sent Exchange Editor. 

If the  Automatically set sent grid  option in Logging preferences is on, your sent exchange grid and  Sent Grid  track your computer’s grid using the macOS location service. Your Mac will need a good wireless connection to the internet, possibly via an iPhone hotspot. You may see a “not available” message if you don’t have WiFi enabled, or if Location Services is not enabled in Security & Privacy system preferences.

You can type a grid into the  Target Grid  field, or, if you are operating in a contest with grid in the exchange, the field will be filled for you when you enter a received grid.

Tap the  Reverse Geocode  button to see additional information about the target location. This feature requires an internet connection.

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