Country Alias Editor

To create an entry in the table, enter a call sign in the  Define call  field, choose a  country code  in the popup list, and press  Do It . The parameters for the selected country code are used to populate the remaining columns in the table. You may then optionally edit values in columns other than  Code  and  Name . For example, you might want to change the  Latitude  and  Longitude  coordinates (the default coordinates are based on population centroids, and are not likely to be accurate for a geographically large country). To delete an entry, select the row and press  Remove . The custom list is saved each time it is changed, and applies for all situations where SkookumLogger needs to look up information for a call.

You can also use this editor to deal with invalid calls like 8J1C70Y. SkookumLogger logger will allow you to enter anything in the Define Call, and will treat it as a valid callsign once you have assigned a country code for that call.

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