Zoom In  and  Zoom Out  change the size of the map without changing the size of the window. The size of the zoom step is √2. Normally, changing the size of the window does not change the size of the map.  Fit in Window  resizes the map to fill the window and turns on autoresizing so that window size changes also change the map size. When you zoom or center the map, autoresizing is turned off. Control-option-click and shift-control-option-click zoom in and out respectively, without panning the map.

Center  shifts the map within the window so the map center is aligned with the window center. The map windows have scrollbars that you can use to pan a zoomed-in map within its window. You can also pan by dragging with the mouse. And you can option-click on a point in the map pans the map to center the clicked point in the window. In either case, you cannot pan beyond the limits of the map, so these gestures are most useful when zoomed in several steps.

Change Map  opens a file chooser for selecting a map image file. The files available at the Maps web page have the coordinates of the map center embedded in the image data; you can use any of them to see what the world looks like from other places than your own QTH, with all of the functionality described below. Download the files you find interesting and store them anywhere on your computer. SkookumLogger remembers the most-recently opened map image across restarts.  Note:  Show the Map window before you use this command.

Mouse clicks inside the map can also control rotator 1 and your receive antenna choice. These gestures are listed in the help tag for the map.

-drag to pan

-click to center clicked point in the window

⌃⌥ -click to zoom in

⇧⌃⌥ -click to zoom out

-click to turn rotator

⇧⌘ -click to turn rotator (long path)

⌃⌘ -click to choose RX array

⇧⌃⌘ -click to choose RX array (long path)

Each window has six overlays — graphics drawn on top of the map. Five of them are turned on and off with the items at the bottom of the Maps menu. The sixth overlay is a compass rose comprising 12 white radial lines from map center to map edge spaced 30° apart.

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