QTC Series

The WAEDC CW and SSB contests have a unique feature termed QTCs that involves a complex set of rules for increasing your score by sending or receiving information about previous QSOs during the contest. Entrants outside Europe may send QTCs only to entrants inside Europe, so logging software support depends on whether you are inside Europe (receiving QTCs) or outside Europe (sending QTCs). The components of a QTC series are the QTC series number, the count of QTCs in the series, and the fields of of each QTC (derived from a prior QSO made by the sender of the series): time, call, and received serial. The series number and count are expressed as a pair separated by a forward-slash; for example, 21/10. Time is expressed as two hour digits juxtaposed with two minute digits; for example 0123.

There are some intricate details:

The prohibited symbol is also displayed for activities that have exchanged 10 QTCs with you. Otherwise, if the call can exchange QTCs with you, the activity is flagged with the sharp character: #. This condition is true if the mode for the activity matches the log‘s mode and one of you or the activity is in Europe and the other is not.

When the QTC Series window is active, SkookumLogger changes the commands associated with some function keys. In CW mode, there are many WAEDC-specific messages that can be customized in the  QTC  tab of  Messages  preferences. Immediate Morse Mode is available when the QTC Series window is active, but only when no table cell is selected for editing.

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