NØEHX did a lot of testing of the various setting in the CIV menu:

CI-V Baud Rate — Auto  (Any setting works, but Auto works as well. This setting has nothing to do with CI-V over USB anyway.)

CI-V Address — 98h

CI-V Transceive  — Either  ON  or  OFF  works with SkookumLogger

CI-V USB/LAN -> REMOTE Transceive Address — 00h  (I honestly don't know what this one is for.)

CI-V Output (for ANT) — OFF

CI-V USB Port — Unlink from [REMOTE]

CI-V USB Baud Rate — Auto  (This is important for SkookumLogger. Applications that use the pan adapter send feature must set  CI-V USB Baud Rate to 115,200 but that setting will not work with SkookumLogger.)

CI-V USB Echo Bak — ON  (This is needed for other apps and SkookumLogger works with it ON as well.)

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