About Serial Numbers

When your sent exchange includes a serial number, the Sent Exchange Prompt above the QSO entry boxes shows the serial number to send. The prompt applies for the QSO entry box that has keyboard focus in 2T2R, and otherwise for the box that has transmit focus (indicated by the red gumdrop).

The prompt shows the serial number that will become part of the logged QSO. When you send a CW or Data message that includes the sent exchange, the serial number will be inserted for you. For SSB, you must say the serial number yourself. 

Sometimes you need to resend a serial after you have logged a QSO. The serial numbers for the most-recently-logged Run and Pounce QSOs are shown beneath the keyer speeds at the right edge of the QSO entry boxes, with the number for the box with transmit focus colored red.

If you send the  Exchange  message or the  Repeat Serial Number Message  while the call field is empty, SkookumLogger uses the red serial number instead of the prompt value.

If you manually send a serial number that is different from the serial number that was logged, you should edit the Sent Serial field in the logged QSO to correct the number to what was actually sent. Otherwise, the station you worked will be penalized, and in some contests you will also be penalized.

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