Creating a New Log

When you choose New Log, SkookumLogger presents the New Contest Log window. Select the name of the contest for your new log, then click Done SkookumLogger will present a standard file save dialog. You can save the log document anywhere you like with any name you like. 

The new log will have start date set for the next occurrence of the contest, and Cabrillo, sent exchange and CW messages preset from your preferences. The Mode Category Cabrillo item will be set to one of CW, SSB, FSK, PSK, Data, or FM for single-band contests, and to Mixed for multi-mode contests. The Band Category Cabrillo item will set to All for multi-band contests, and to the appropriate band for single-band contests. 

Note:  The “next occurrence” is the first date after the date that you created the log. That date may not be what you expect when you create a log in the middle of a contest. Don’t do that, or use  Time Tracker  to edit the start date.

You can review and edit these settings for your new log in  Time Tracker Sent Exchange Editor Morse Messages Editor , and the  Cabrillo settings sheet , respectively. Changes that you make in these editors affect only the log document, not the preference values.

Important:  After setting up a new log, always check that the sent exchange prompt is what you expect. Use the Sent Exchange Editor to make corrections as necessary. You must make these corrections before logging any QSOs.

You can create a new log from an existing log, to preserve that log’s contest rules, sent Exchange, message definitions, and Cabrillo settings:

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