Exchange Pre-fill

When you enter a call and navigate to the next QSO entry field (tap spacebar or tab), SkookumLogger may fill in the content of some non-empty exchange fields. An exchange value entered this way is identified by changing the  entry field background color . If you edit the exchange value, the background color is changed back to the default color. If you edit the call and trigger another pre-fill, only those fields with highlighted backgrounds will be updated.

There are several sources of exchange pre-fill information, including QSOs in your current log, entries in your  Exchange  database, and the  Countries  file. SkookumLogger does not support contest-specific “call history” files, as they are of uncertain quality, not in a standard format, and not globally available. The  IARU HQ  database is the exception to this dictum.

You should  always  listen to the exchange to confirm that the guessed pre-fill value matches what was sent to you. Always log what was sent, with the exception of zones — when you are certain the sent zone is incorrect, log the pre-filled value. For example, sometimes casual contesters send CQ zone or a serial number when ITU zone is required.

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