About MacOS Tables

Many SkookumLogger windows contain tables. These tables share behaviors provided by MacOS that are not easily discoverable. These behaviors involve using the mouse with the pointer over the table header — the row of labels above the table content.

Changing Column size

Hovering over the edge of a column in the header may show the left-right resize pointer, indicating that the column width can be changed for the column to the left of the pointer. Drag left or right to change the width. Each column has minimum and maximum widths which limit how much you can resize the column. The pointer changes appearance when the width is at a limit, and doesn’t appear at all when the width can’t be changed.

Changing column ordering

Hold the mouse button down on a column title, wait until you see the drag (hand) pointer, then drag left or right to move the column to another location in the table.

Sorting a column

Click on a column title to sort the table rows on the contents of that column. Click again to reverse the sort order. Most sorts are alphanumeric.

Changing column visibility

Some tables have columns that can be shown (checked) or hidden (not checked). 

 Visibilities for table columns can also be toggled by command-clicking anywhere in the table header row to pop up a visibility menu.

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