New Log Cabrillo Preferences

Cabrillo preferences provides defaults for all of your Cabrillo items except the Mode and Band items in the Category group, and the Operator List. Item labels have help tags showing the corresponding Cabrillo tag. Some of the less obvious items are:

My Call  — Your personal call sign. Your sent exchange call is set separately by the Contest Call item in the Sent Exchange tab of New Log Preferences. When this field is set to the default call, K1CX, SkookumLogger open the Getting Started help topic at startup.

Location  — This item is used to indicate the location where the station was operating from. Not all contest sponsors care about this item; presently the standard says:

Mail Certificate  — When checked, your Cabrillo file will instruct sponsors that recognize the tag to mail you a paper certificate (assuming you have earned one of course). Sponsors who do not recognize the tag may send you a paper certificate whether or not you want one.

Export SQ as an X-QSO  — When checked, SkookumLogger reports QSOs that are flagged as SQ as X-QSO records instead of normal QSO records. Log-checking software will ignore those records in processing your log, but may use those records for cross-checking other logs against yours. If you use this feature and the sponsor rejects your Cabrillo file, disable the option, submit your Cabrillo file again, and send the sponsor an email asking them to conform to the Cabrillo standard.

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