Cabrillo Settings Sheet

Choose  Log   Cabrillo Settings…  to display the settings sheet.

SkookumLogger knows which modes and bands are applicable for each contest and shows only applicable choices in the  Mode  and  Band  popup lists. The selected choice for new logs is the most general available option, but you can choose among other options, for example to do a single-mode or single-band entry. SkookumLogger uses your choices for Mode and Band to determine whether or not a QSO can contribute to your score.

Some contests have limited-time categories. If you choose an item other than Not Applicable in the  Time  popup list, SkookumLogger changes the maximum on-time value in  Time Tracker.

SkookumLogger uses the other fields in the settings sheet only for populating the corresponding records in your Cabrillo file.

Operator List  identifies the call of the host station and the calls of all of the operators in a multiple-operator entry. When you create a new log, SkookumLogger initializes the list with the call in the  My Call  field of your Cabrillo preferences.

Each contest sponsor defines which Cabrillo category items are required and recognized. You will need to consult the sponsor’s rules to select suitable category choices in the settings sheet. Settings that are not required are ignored by the sponsor.

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