Call Stacking

Call stacking is an advanced feature that supports entering more than one call at a time into a call field, separated by commas. The first call in the list is the “active” call, used by SkookumLogger for tasks like duplicate testing and partials matching. Logging a QSO or clearing a QSO entry field promotes the next entry in the list to be the active call.

This feature helps you chain QSOs when you are able to copy multiple callers answering your CQ. The default definition for the  Unstack QSO  message is “R NW * &” . Use call stacking as follows with keyboard focus and transmit focus in the Run QSO Entry box:

Call stacking also works with the  Begin QSO  message in place of the  His Call + Exchange  message and the  End QSO  message in place of the  Acknowledge + Log  message, and with  Magic Message .

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