One Transmitter

The 1T1R and 1T2R operating modes use Radio 1. Your WinKeyer must have its KEY 1 output connected to that radio. The two QSO entry boxes in the Log window are labeled  Run  and  Pounce .

If you prefer to always have keyboard and transmit focus on the same box, choose the  Transmit focus follows keyboard focus  option in OpMode preferences. When you do this, you give up the ability to enter QSO information in one box while sending a message using the frequency and mode of the other box.

Some  messages  depend on which of Run or Pounce has transmit focus.

Grabbing activities targets the Pounce entry box.

Two Receivers (1T2R)

This operating mode has independent preferences from the 1T1R operating mode but otherwise has all the features described above. In addition, when Run has transmit focus then Pounce tracks the sub-receiver frequency, and when Pounce has transmit focus then the sub-receiver listens to the Run frequency. Also, the  Pounce receive frequency change …  options in  Activities  preferences apply when Run has transmit focus.

A typical 1T2R scenario when using DXCluster to populate activity tables is:

A typical 1T2R scenario when not using DXCluster might be:

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