Two Transmitters

The 2T2R operating mode uses Radio 1 and Radio 2. You must connect KEY 1 and KEY2 of your WinKeyer to the corresponding radios. The two QSO entry boxes in the Log window are labeled  Radio 1  and  Radio 2 . SkookumLogger does not manage sub-receivers in this mode. The  Radio 2  and  2T2R  menus appear when for this operating mode.

When transmit focus and keyboard focus are different, SkookumLogger automatically changes transmit focus to the entry box with keyboard focus when you start a message, and when you enter  Immediate Morse Mode .

The 2T2R operating mode has run and pounce submodes for each radio. Pounce mode for a radio is identified by a yellow gumdrop in the radio’s QSO entry box. 

These additional routing changes are temporary.; normal routing is restored at the end of the next message transmission.

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