Log Window

The Log window has three sections for status, data entry and the log table.

The status area at the top shows the contest name, current UTC, and sent exchange prompt, and has a search field for finding information in the table. The globe icon is a button that toggles your DX Cluster connection. The two radio icon are buttons that toggles your radio 1 and radio 2 enable states. These icons show a red X in the off states.

The two data entry areas are labeled Run and Pounce, or Radio 1 and Radio 2. In each area, the  QSO entry box  at the right contains text fields for entering contest exchange information., and the box at the left lists partial-call matches to the call entered in the QSO entry box. 

The QSO entry box that accepts keyboard input is said to have  keyboard focus , and is distinguished by a thick border around one of the input fields. A red gumdrop appears in the top right corner of the QSO entry box that has  transmit focus . You can separately choose which QSO entry box has keyboard focus and which has transmit focus.

The log table shows the QSOs that you have completed. You can choose which columns are visible, rearrange and resize columns, and sort on a column. The D column has checkmarks for duplicate QSOs and the SQ column has checkmarks for suspect QSOs. Other columns appear with checkmarks for multipliers. You can edit the table fields, except for the TX Exchange field.

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