Morse Keyers

SkookumLogger interfaces with these devices that use WinKeyer commands: a real K1EL WinKeyer version 2 or later, the emulation in the firmware of the YCCC SO2R Box, and the K3NG emulation in the YCCC SO2R Mini, using corrected firmware (see  SO2R Mini ). Other emulations of the K1EL keyer are  not  supported.

All of these keyers share the keyer properties defined in the Morse Keyers window. You choose between a real WinKeyer and an emulation with the  Use SO2R keyer  option in the Morse Keyers window. You choose which emulation to use in the YCCC SO2R window. You can enable a real WinKeyer and one of the emulations at the same time, then alternate between them use with the  Use SO2R keyer  option.

Each keyer property has a help tag that describes its meaning and range of values. SkookumLogger remembers keyer property settings and applies them when you choose the active keyer.

SkookumLogger associates the KEY 1 WinKeyer output with Radio 1 and the KEY 2 output with Radio 2.

The  Ratio  and the  Sidetone  items are not applicable to the YCCC SO2R keyers. For the SO2R+ Box, the range and resolution of the  PTT Lead Time  and  PTT Tail Time  settings are different, as described in the help tags. 

If you are using the SO2R+ Box in 2T2R mode, then you might also be using Alternating CQ mode. If so, you may notice that that last character of your CQ message is truncated because transmit focus is changed before the message is completely transmitted. To prevent truncation, add a space at the end of your CQ message.

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