Message Tokens

CW and data messages may contain placeholder tokens that are substituted each time the message is transmitted. The available message tokens are:

sent call (~)  — The call sign in the Call field of the sent exchange.

sent serial (#)  — The next serial number, shown in the exchange prompt of the log window. Three check boxes in Messages preferences affect how zeros in serial numbers are transmitted. “Cutify zero” means send the cut-number symbol for zero (T) instead of the actual Morse symbol for zero.

received call (*)  — The content of the Call field of the active QSO data entry box. You can edit the call while a message containing this token is transmitting (call-sign type-ahead). Edits made before a character is about to be transmitted will be noticed. The token may be present no more than once in a message.

received name (+)  — The content of the Name field of the active QSO entry box. If there is no Name field, SkookumLogger looks for a name associated with the received call in your Exchange database.

message-n ({n)  — Inserts the n-th (1 through 9) basic message definition. Be careful not to construct an endless message by directly or indirectly referencing the same message. Also, do not chain together more than one message containing the received call token. The token “{0” inserts the content of the sent exchange info field, typically used when the info field is an administrative code such as a county.

QSY frequency (!)  — Inserts the transmit frequency (in kHz) for the QSO entry box that does not have transmit focus (the box without the red dot). Use this feature construct a message for passing a station you have just worked to another band. In 2T2R, when transmit focus and keyboard focus are different SkookumLogger automatically changes transmit focus to the entry box with keyboard focus when you start a message. In this case, the frequency in the QSY message will be the frequency for the radio that had transmit focus before the change and it will be transmitted on the radio with transmit focus after the change.

half space (|)  (cw messages) — Inserts a space with half the duration of the normal space between Morse characters.

CRLF (}) (data message) — Starts a new line.

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