Fonts and Colors

SkookumLogger uses font styles and colors applied to call signs to help you distinguish different QSO needed states. There are six states, evaluating as follows:

You define the font style and color for these cases in  Font and Color  preferences. 

About Dark Mode

In Dark mode, macOS changes the default text color from black to white, and adjusts the colors of the backgrounds of controls and windows that contain text to maintain text readability. When you choose custom colors for text as described above, then switch Dark mode on or off, you may find that readability is degraded. If you like to toggle between the two modes when using SkookumLogger, macOS provides some special colors that are also adjusted to maintain readability. To use those colors in SkookumLogger:

Also use this approach to choose colors for the  Partial match underline color  and the  Entry field background highlight color . The default choices are  systemRedColor  and  unemphasizedSelectedTextBackgroundColor , respectively.

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