Logging Preferences

Hide sent signal report entry field  — Conceals the sent RST text entry item in QSO entry boxes, to save you the bother of skipping over it when you always send the same report.

Hide received signal report entry field  — Similarly conceals the received RST text entry item.

Hide QSO entry status line  — Conceals the status information displayed above the QSO entry fields.

Remap ‘.’ key to ‘?’ key in Call field  — Enables entering the single-character wildcard symbol, the question mark, without needing to hold the shift key when typing a call.

Use fuzzy similarity  — Replace Contains similarity with Fuzzy similarity in  Partial Call Matching .

Underline unmatched characters  — When using Fuzzy similarity, characters in known calls that appear in the partial call are underlined. This option instead underlines characters that do not appear.

Refuse to log incomplete QSOs  — Prevents adding a QSO that is incomplete (has empty exchange fields); instead displaying the  Incomplete QSO  status string.

Refuse to log any QSOs  — Prevents accidentally logging any QSOs, for members of SkookumNet that are not making QSOs.

Position cursor at end of entry field  — When a QSO entry field is focused, position the cursor at the end of the content instead of selecting the content. Does not apply to call and report fields.

Automatically search  — Typing into a call field filters the log to show only QSOs with calls that contain what you have typed. The search begins when you type the third character.

Automatically set sent grid  — When enabled, SkookumLogger uses the macOS Location service to determine your current coordinates and converts them to a Maidenhead locator. That locator is used throughout SkookumLogger (except for great circle maps) as “my location.” When operating in a contest where your sent exchange contains your grid, the sent exchange is updated as needed. The Location service requires WiFi enabled.

Do not use the SCP database  — Disables partial matching against calls in the SCP database and the Exchange Database. WRTC and CWT contests always disable use of these databases.

Do not test for Suspect zones  — Disables testing whether or not the zone you entered matches the zone guessed from the call sign.

Show Information window at startup  — Toggles whether or not you always see the launch message when starting SkookumLogger.

Distribute score  — Periodically sends your current score during a contest to online scoreboards.

Confirm Quit  — Posts a “Do you really want to do that” dialog when you quit SkookumLogger.

Serial number precision  — Sets the minimum number of digits used to display serial numbers in the sent exchange prompt when sending serials with leading zeros.

Rate averaging interval  — Sets the period from now into the past (in minutes) used to compute current QSO rate in Rate Tracker.

Automatically rescore logs smaller than  — QSO count threshold for automatically rescoring your log when a logged QSO is changed.

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