QSO Data Entry

The QSO entry boxes contain exchange information about pending QSOs. The row of text entry fields has items for the received call and other exchange entry fields. The number and type of the exchange fields depend on the contest name. Each of the entry fields has a help tag that identifies what is expected as content. The two QSO entry boxes are identical and create the same information in your log, with the exception that SkookumLogger keeps track of which box created each QSO. The only place where this flag is used is the statistics report.

Note:  Entry field navigation in the ARRL Sweepstakes contest is slightly different from other contests. Initially the call field is focused. The spacebar then jumps focus to the first field (number), and thereafter spacebar behaviors as above until the navigation logic is reset by logging a QSO or clearing the entry box.

Standard macOS behavior when a non-empty text entry field becomes focused is to select all of the existing text. SkookumLogger overrides this behavior for the call field and for report fields:

In addition, the  Position cursor at end of entry field  option in Logging preferences changes the standard behavior for all other entry fields.

The arrow keys are helpful when editing content in a focuses text entry field:

There are many other MacOS text editing keyboard shortcuts that involve modifier keys. In addition, MacOS text fields also supports many emacs keyboard commands. 

When keyboard focus leaves the call field, SkookumLogger searches your log and your  Exchange  database for previous QSOs with that call and uses the results to pre-fill other QSO entry fields. When a field content is set this way, the background color for the field is changed to the  Entry field background highlight color  defined in Logging preferences. When using the  Call Stacking  feature, separate calls with a comma. You can also set radio modes and frequencies, and rotator bearing, using  text commands .

The QSO entry fields have  formatters  that affect what happens as you type. The behavior of a formatter depends on what kind of information SkookumLogger expects for the field. All formatters define a list of acceptable characters and silently ignore all other characters. For example, a serial number field accepts only digits.

Press the return key to log a QSO with the data in the entry box with keyboard focus, and clear the the entry fields. SkookumLogger will not stop you from logging incomplete QSOs unless you enable the  Refuse to log incomplete QSOs  option in Logging preferences. The log document is automatically saved after adding a QSO. 

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