Entry Formatting Rules

Each kind of entry field has a list of acceptable characters; when you type a character not on the list it is removed from the entry field and tested to see if it is a  special key . Note that accepted characters cannot be special keys.

The Grid and Report fields have lists that depend on the position of each character, which can cause unexpected behavior when you edit an entry. For example, if you try to change a report from 599 to 499 by moving the cursor to the right of the 5 and pressing delete, the 5 is not deleted. The reason is that deleting the 5 would change the entry to 99, and the first character in a report must be between 1 and 5. In this example, the 5 is selected when you try to delete it, so just type a 4 to complete the edit. Similarly, you cannot delete any character in the Grid field except the last character; but the character that you are attempting to replace will be selected instead of deleted so that you can overtype it to complete the edit in the same number of keystrokes.

Formatters for all entry fields convert characters that you define as special keys into commands, discarding the typed character. If  Keyboard Mode  is enabled, all characters are diverted to the WinKeyer. Many formatters apply rules for converting characters to other characters, such as changing lowercase letters to uppercase letters.


Converts to uppercase



Converts to uppercase

Accepts  0123456789ABCDEF

Also used for age, ARRL FD entry class

Club Code

Converts to uppercase


Club Status

Converts to uppercase

Accepts  HQ CM NC


Converts to uppercase

For characters 1, 2 accepts  ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR

For characters 3, 4 accepts  0123456789

For characters 5, 6 accepts  ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWX


Converts to uppercase

When the content might be a serial, converts A to  1 , E to  5 , N to  9 , O and T to  0



Converts to capitalized string

Accepts  ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz_


Performs no conversions

Accepts all alphanumeric, punctuation, symbol characters and the space character

Special Key definitions are not recognized


Converts to uppercase, A to  1 , E to  5 , N to  9 , O and T to  0


Converts to uppercase

Accepts  ABMSQU


Converts to uppercase, E to  5 , N to  9

For character 1 accepts  12345

For characters 2, 3 accepts  123456789


Converts to uppercase, A to  1 , E to  5 , N to  9 , O and T to  0

Accepts  0123456789


Converts to uppercase, A to  1 , E to  5 , N to  9 , O and T to  0

Accepts  01234567890

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