Practice Mode

Practice mode simulates CW pileups for both running and search-and-pounce. When the mode is enabled, CW messages are handled by the practice mode processor instead of your WinKeyer. You hear the pileup and transmitted messages using your computer audio outputs.

Before starting a practice session, open a suitable log. SkookumLogger generates exchanges for these contests:

Practice mode doesn’t require a WinKeyer, although if you have one connected you can control your transmit sending speed with the SPEED knob on the WinKeyer.

The  Offset Up Offset Down  and  Clear  items in the  Radio   RIT/XIT   menu modify the pitches of all caller, just as if you were using the commands with a real radio. The step size is 20 Hz. You can also “tune” received signals by changing your receiver frequency, and by changing your sub-receiver frequency if your radio has one. If you tune too far the received signal disappears suddenly, like a brick-wall bandpass filter.

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