Practice Mode Details

You can interleave practice and normal logging with the same contest log. SkookumLogger keeps track of logged QSOs made in practice mode.

Disable After  turns off practice mode after you have logged the specified number of QSOs with no errors. Subtract that number from the number of QSOs in the log to determine how many bad QSOs you logged. Setting the value to 0 disables this feature.

Allow logging incomplete QSOs when Logging preference to disallow in on  overrides your setting for the Logging preference  Refuse to log incomplete QSOs .

Separate properties are available for two radios. Radio 2 properties are not used unless the  2T2R  Radio Configuration is active. 

The  Transmit Monitor  properties affect the audio tone you hear when sending a message. The range of amplitudes is 0% to 100%. The range of pitches is 150 Hz to 1000 Hz.

The  Receiver Noise  properties affect additive white gaussian noise that is mixed into each radio’s audio when not transmitting.  Amplitude  is the level below maximum amplitude.

The  Callers  properties affect what you hear when listening to callers. 

The  Maximum  property sets the number of callers in a fresh pileup. Disable Practice Mode to enable editing the maximums. 

When a caller is created, speed, amplitude are defined for that caller by randomly choosing a value within half of the  Spread  value from the  Center  value. Pitch is also randomly determined. The  Adjust pitch differences  option ensures that the pitches for a set of callers are at least 40 Hz apart. The width of the simulated bandpass filter when tuning is proportional to the pitch spread setting.

When a caller is created, a call, a CQ response message and an exchange message are defined for that caller. The call is chosen randomly from the SCP database, which typically has more than 40000 calls. The CQ response is normally just the call; about 10% of the time it is the call repeated twice. The exchange message is determined as follows:

Sometimes callers will ask you to repeat something, typically by sending a question mark or “NR”.  Query Probability  determines how often this happens for each kind of query, and  Query Maximum Count  determines the maximum number of times the same caller might ask. Set  Query Maximum Count  to 0 to prevent any queries.

Additional information is available in the About Practice Mode topic on the  SkookumLogger Hints  web page.

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