About Score Distribution

WA7BNM has created a Score Distributor that forwards information from your log to a collection of sites called online scoreboards that display received information in your web browser. You can learn more about the Score Distributor here.

In SkookumLogger 2.6.4 or newer, to periodically send your log information to the distributor during a contest, enable the Distribute Score option in Logging preferences. Of course, this feature requires an internet connection.

SkookumLogger sends your class and score to the scoreboards. It does not send QSO or multiplier totals, or any breakdown counts. Some may regard this as a limitation. I regard it as a feature; why give your competitors information they can use to help them beat you?

This is an optional feature that defaults to OFF. However, if you watch an online scoreboard, you should also be a good citizen and share your log information.