YCCC SO2R Mini Hints

The YCCC SO2R Mini is an Arduino-based computer-controlled device that provides computer controlled switching of two radios, including audio routing for stereo headphones and a microphone, foot switch control of radio push-to-talk (PTT), and CW keying and PTT via an emulation of the K1EL WinKeyer by K3NG. Learn more at SO2R Mini.

SkookumLogger fully supports the Mini. However, the firmware has several bugs. You can eradicate them by updating the Mini firmware. The update procedure that is provided on the SO2R Mini web site is unsuitable for macOS. Use these steps to do the update on macOS:

Neo owners can apply the same procedure using this hex file, changing k3ng_keyer.mini.hex to k3ng_keyer.neo.hex in the command, and holding the upload button while running the command. The upload button is on the bottom of the Neo.