1.11.x Release Notes

1.11.15 2016.06.13

New features

For the TS-590 radio, the Radio menu now has a Toggle RX In command to select the receive antenna. Thanks JH5GHM.

The World Wide South America CW Contest is now supported.


It is now possible to left-drag in the Great Circle Map window to pan the map. Other mouse gestures in that window have changed; see Help.

Misfeatures fixed

A K3 radio with internal 2m transverter was ignoring set frequency commands for that band. Thanks GØDVJ.

Radio menu commands related to sub-receivers were not being hidden for radios that do not have sub-receivers. Thanks JH5GHM.

A function in Hamlib was rounding bearings to nearest degree, causing annoying cosmetic errors in drawing Great Circle Map overlays.

1.11.14 2016.06.06

Misfeatures fixed

SkookumLogger was hanging when creating a new log for the All Asian contest for entrants in Asia. Thanks BG5EEF.

1.11.13 2016.06.02

New features

The Great Circle Map window is now scrollable. You may not notice this feature if you use the OS X default choice in General Preferences that hides the scroll bars. Do not try to drag the map to pan it; that will turn your rotator instead. Antenna ► Center Map will — you guessed! — center the scrollable area in the window.

Added Contests:


The characters for identifying match sources in the Partials lists have changed to increase visual contrast with alphabetic characters. Thanks JH5GHM.

The names of all RSGB contests have been scrubbed to be consistent while easily associated with the “official” contest names, and to succumb to rational organization by alphanumeric sort. Thanks GØDVJ.

The Score window now shows only the relevant mode column for single-mode contests instead of always showing both CW and SSB columns.

Misfeatures fixed

Attempting to sort the Prefix checksheet on the Country column was forcing SkookumLogger into an unrecoverable state of undefined behavior. Thanks WA1Z.

Sending the serial number for the previous QSO was broken in the 2T2R configuration. Thanks JH5GHM and WA1Z.

SkookumLogger was hogging the CPU when flooded with new spots with the Activities Update Interval preference set to 0. For contests with many spots, you should set the interval to at least a few seconds and use a filter at your DX Cluster site to avoid receiving uninteresting spots. SkookumLogger now postpones spot processing for any value of the Update Interval when the log is in an unstable state such as opening the log or rebuilding checksheets. Thanks GØDVJ.

1.11.12 2016.05.16

New features

SkookumLogger was placing the target point on the Great Circle Map at the state capital coordinate when the state was known for a US call sign. Now, the target is placed at the geographical center of the state, and this feature is extended to include Canadian provinces and territories. Also, the state/province code is shown in the QSO Information text, and the code is prefilled for contests that have that item as part of their exchange.

Window ► Section Checkoff opens a display that simulates a multiplier checkoff sheet designed by W2RU. The command is hidden unless the log’s contest has ARRL section multipliers.

Worked squares are shaded on the Maidenhead map for contests that have locators as multipliers. Thanks GØDVJ.

SkookumLogger now marks as Suspect any QSO with time outside the contest period. Log ► Explain Suspect QSO notes whether the QSO time is before the start, after the end, or during a mandatory off period.


SkoookumLogger now omits the SCORE tag when exporting a Cabrillo checklog file.

Misfeatures fixed

The change in 1.11.11 to support mandatory off periods was causing a crash when rebuilding checksheets for that type of contest.

QSOs with the same call in different states outside New England were being marked as duplicates for the NEQP in NE contest.

SkookumLogger was sometimes crashing when opening the Great Circle Map window. This was reported by K4ZRJ last August; I finally was able to reproduce the issue and find the solution.

1.11.11 2016.05.05

New features

SkookumLogger now supports the ICOM IC-7300 radio. Thanks WD7K (implementation) and KF5JRA (testing).

The new Antenna ► Hide Map Controls command toggles the display of the controls in the Great Circle Map window to prevent obscuring the map display when zoomed in. The controls are now grouped into boxes with translucent backgrounds so that they are more readable when overlaying dark areas of the map. Thanks GØDVJ.

Calls in the Partials list are now enclosed in parentheses when matched in the current log or in a list of calls you have added to an activity table, or in square brackets when the partial call was matched in your exchange database. Otherwise, the partial call was matched in the SCP database. The Partials panes have help tags describing these cases for those of us with poor memories.

Support has been added for displaying a Maidenhead Locator Map image instead of the azimuth equidistant world map in the Great Circle Map window. See the Maidenhead Locator Maps section in the Overview : Great circle map topic in Help.

SkookumLogger now handles contests with a mandatory off period. For example, the Florida QSO Party spans 30 hours, with 10 hours on, 10 hours off, then 10 hours on. Other SkookumLogger-supported contests that are affected: Georgia QSO Party, New England QSO Party, RSGB HF Low Power. When you log a QSO during a mandatory off period, SkookumLogger alerts you in the Information Messages window and marks the QSO as Suspect so that it does not contribute to your score.

Support has been restored for the World Radiosport Team Championship, using the same rules as for the 2014 event. The contest name has changed, but SkookumLogger can open existing logs for WRTC2014.

The Log table has a new column title Rover. See the During a contest : Identifying rovers topic in Help.

Time Tracker now has a status message area that describes why it ignored a new QSO. Sometimes SkookumLogger guesses wrong for the Start Date; the status messages should help you detect this situation and make an appropriate change to the Start Date.

The View ► Clear Focused QSO Entry command now supports Undo and Redo. Thanks JH5GHM.


SkookumLogger now removes "/P" from calls for USA stations received in spots.

Misfeatures fixed

SkookumLogger was aborting on an unhandled exception caused by a slightly corrupted Antenna Configuration file. Now, SkookumLogger detects and repairs that corruption (a nil string instead of an empty string for the antenna switch Command field). Thanks GØDVJ for patiently helping to narrow down where the exception was happening and supplying a copy of his Antenna Configuration file for debugging.

1.11.10 2016.04.15

New features

SkookumLogger now supports the TenTec Eagle radio. Thanks KA1IS.

SkookumLogger now supports the YU DX Contest.


Rules for the EU-Open have been updated. Thanks GØDVJ.

1.11.9 2016.04.11

New features

The Contest Chooser window now has a Cancel button.


SkookumLogger now aborts transmitting before changing the transmit antenna.

The new user alert that was intended to explain why no windows appeared has been replaced by an alert that appears at SkookumLogger start-up when the most recently-opened log cannot be found. The original alert was being suppressed by OS X security alerts.

The help tags describing serial port parameters in Serial preferences have been replaced by less subtle text below each of the Type buttons.

The names of the TenTec radio types have been changed so that they will group with potential support for the TenTec Eagle. If you use an Omni VI or Omni VII, you will need to reselect your radio type.

The document icon has changed a bit, and the tool button images in the preferences window now have Retina versions.

SkookumLogger incorporates the rules changes for the Gagarin Cup DX Contest, including the new list of special-call multipliers and the change in the Cabrillo CONTEST record value.

Misfeatures fixed

The sent and received grids were missing in Cabrillo output for the RSGB RoLo contest. Thanks GIØAZA.

Resetting a Mini-CWT log wasn't setting Time Tracker to the next event.

Point at Target was choosing the wrong transmit antenna.

Time Tracker was being initialized incorrectly for GAQP, resulting in SkookumLogger believing that QSOs in the second half of the contest were outside the contest period.

1.11.8 2016.03.26

New features

A new Audio Routing window is available in the 2T2R configuration. The window extends the functions already available in the 2T2R menu for selecting which radio you are listening to via the YCCC SO2R Box. Additional functions can automatically switch the listen-to configuration based on the transmit/receive state of each radio. See the Two transmitters topic in the Configurations topic of the Features section of SkookumLogger Help. Thanks WA1Z.

Misfeatures fixed

Call type-ahead was still not working when using Begin QSO in 2T2R mode and automatic transmit selection interrupted message sending. Thanks JH5GHM.

The Certificate option in Cabrillo Export preferences was ignored; the value set in the exported file was always YES.

1.11.7 2016.03.07

New features

Activites and Configuration preferences now have separate frequency tolerance input boxes for choices involving “nearby” frequency matching. You may want to visit these two preference panes.


Updated Tesla contest rules; the event duration changed from 14 hours to 12 hours.

Create Activity clears QSO entry fields no longer clears as a side-effect of Log ► Announce Activity.

Log ► Announce Activity now includes ‘USB’ or ‘LSB’ in the spot comment field when sending phone mode announcements to your internet connection.

When constructing a spot filter containing the buddy calls token, SkookumLogger now converts each buddy call to a root callsign to avoid an AR-Cluster problem. For example, the buddy call VP9/W6PH is converted to W6PH.

Misfeatures fixed

Type-ahead and correct mode were mis-behaving in the 2T2R configuration. Thanks JH5GHM.

Tapping F5 twice resulted in the second tap aborting CW sending started by the first tap. Thanks WA1Z.

It wasn’t possible to manually construct a sequence of messages including the F5 message. Thanks WA1Z.

Logging a QSO while the F5 message was playing aborted the message. Thanks WA1Z.

Log ► Announce Activity was constructing an announcement for the wrong logged QSO when triggered with an empty QSO Entry box.

1.11.6 2016.02.22


The third-party framework for the updating feature (Sparkle) has been updated to the most recent version. This change addresses a potential man-in-the-middle security hole for applications that don't update using secure web access. SkookumLogger has used secure web access for updating itself beginning with version 1.10.13 released 2015.10.08.

Rate tables in statistics reports now exclude duplicate QSOs, suspect QSOs, and zero-point QSOs that are not multipliers. Additionally, zero-point QSOs that are not multipliers are no longer included in the Q column of the Score table. Log every QSO!

The email processing robot for the PACC contest rejected logs submitted using the Submit Log Via Apple Mail command. The content of the message constructed by SkookumLoggger has been changed to address the robot's limitations. This change has not been tested.

The dates for the 2016 RSGB Club Championship events have been updated to match the RSGB calendar. Thanks GØDVJ.

The RSGB2128 contest has been replaced by the RSGB DX Contest, supporting entrants from both sides. Further testing is needed; thanks GØDVJ. Note: SkookumLogger will crash if you attempt to open a no-longer-supported contest log; this applies to the RSGB2128 and RSGBRoPoLo contests.

The Power QSO entry field, used in the ARRL DX and RSGB HF Low Power contests, now accepts the 'A' character, and converts cut number characters AENT to 1590.

1.11.5 2016.02.10

New features

SkookumLogger now supports the Tesla Memorial HF CW Contest, located in the Other group.


The Help book updating adventure continues. Thanks GØDVJ for catching many typos and for suggestions that improve content clarity.

The user interfaces for adding, editing, and deleting entries in the Buddy Calls list of your Me preferences and the Operator Calls list of your Log Setttings sheet have been made less mysterious. In addition, you can now manipulate your Buddy Calls list while connected to a DX Cluster. Thanks GØDVJ.

The Speed Pot Range in WinKeyer preferences is now constrained to between 5 WPM and 31 WPM. SkookumLogger will adjust your current preference at startup if it finds a value greater than 31. This change may reduce the occurrence of spontaneous speed changes in SkookumLogger when you haven’t moved the WinKeyer speed pot. Thanks JH5GHM and W2RU.

Misfeatures fixed

The Remap '.' key to '?' key option in Logging preferences was interfering with setting radio frequencies by typing numbers containing a decimal point into the call field.

1.11.4 2016.02.01

New features

SkookumLogger now has two Check Partial panes, corresponding to the two QSO Entry boxes. Previously the two entry boxes shared one pane, which required running the search for matches every time you changed which box had keyboard focus.

The Partner display has been moved adjacent to the call entry field for the Run entry box. The background is now translucent yellow to attract attention, and the display is automatically hidden whenever it has no text content. Thanks GØDVJ.


The help book content has been migrated to a new help authoring tool. Some of the more egregious spelling errors and misinformation have been corrected, but there will be on-going changes to improve content, organization, and use of Apple Help features.

Segment and antenna are no longer managed when the 2000A amplifier is in standby mode. Normally the appropriate values will be set when the amplifier is changed to operate mode, but there are cases where the amplifier may not be synchronized with SkookumLogger until you transmit or change bands.

Misfeatures fixed

The AFS 80/40 CW contest was being tagged as an 80m-only event. Thanks GØDVJ.

1.11.3 2016.01.21

New features

File ► Create Statistics Report now creates one addition file for each band in your contest log, containing a table of QSOs for that band in a format like that used in CT by K1EA. These files are created in the folder that you choose for your statistics report, using the file name that you choose for your statistics report with the band name appended. Thanks WA1Z.

SkookumLogger now supports the Elecraft KX3 Dual Watch feature, treated like a Sub Receiver in 1T2R mode. Thanks GØTPH.

Three IRTS Counties Contest items have been added to the Other category, supporting entrants both inside EI/GI and outside for each of the five HF counties contests. Bonus points are not included in the scoring, and SkookumLogger does not save county codes in your Exchange Archive. Thanks GØDVJ and GIØAZB.


Event dates for the four Stew Perry Top Band Challenge have been set for 2016.

The RSGB AFS CW Contest name has been changed to RSGB 3.5-7MHz CW AFS Contest, to be consistent with the similarly-named SSB contest. Thanks GØDVJ.

Misfeatures fixed

In the HA DX Contest, SkookumLogger was erroneously flagging some QSOs as suspect, and was failing to identify bad HA county codes. Thanks WA1Z.

1.11.2 2015.12.29

New features

A new topic has been added to the SkookumLogger web site Hints page.


The commands that copy radio frequencies and modes from one QSO entry box to the other now copy the source receive frequency to both the receive and transmit destination frequencies. Previously, splits were preserved.

In the ARRL 160 Contest, SkookumLogger now pre-fills the received info field with “DX” when the call cannot be an ARRL/RAC section.

In the PACC Contest, multipliers are now per-mode.

The RSGB AFS CW Contest now includes 40m.

The list of Category Overlays in Log Settings has a new entry, Newcomer, for the RSGB IOTA Contest.

The RSGB RoPoCo (Rotating Postal Code) Contest is now the RoLo (Rotating Locator) Contest. Entrants are no longer restricted to UK&CD and the start date for the CW event changed to third Sunday October. SkookumLogger shows the locator received in the previous QSO in the sent exchange prompt.

The RSGB 80 & 40 Low Power Contest is now the RSGB HF Low Power Contest. The event now include 20m, and the value for the Cabrillo Contest Name tag has been updated to RSGB-LOW-POWER.

The RSGB 21/28 Contest will have similar changes when the 2016 rules are published. All RSGB changes, thanks GØDVJ.

Misfeatures fixed

VO1 and VO2 were not being identified as separate multipliers in the ARRL 10m Contest. Thanks WA1Z.

DX QSOs in the ARRL 10m Contest were being incorrectly marked as suspect until checksheets were rebuilt. Thanks WA1Z.

1.11.1 2015.12.04

New features

Logging preferences has a new option “Do not test for Suspect zones.” After reviewing your log and resolving suspect QSOs, you may want to enable this option and rebuild your log one more time to remove suspects caused by mismatch between the zone you logged and the zone guessed from the call sign, in order to update the score and other statistics displayed by SkookumLogger. This step is optional; your Cabrillo log contains all QSOs, including suspects. Thanks JH5GHM and WA1Z.

The statistics report now contains multiple QSO rate tables. For 1T1R and 1T2R configurations, three rate tables are prepared, for Run, Pounce, and All. For the 2T2R configuration, there are five rate tables: Radio 1 Run, Radio 1 Pounce, Radio 2 Run, Radio 2 Pounce, and All. If you run the Create Statistics Report command for a log with QSOs predating this release, the two Pounce tables for the 2T2R case will not be present. Thanks JH5GHM and WA1Z.

The new Log ► Move Call from Pounce to Run command clears the Run entry fields, copies the call in the Pounce call field to the Run call field, and clears the Pounce entry fields. Thanks GØDVJ.


SkookumLogger no longer manages the auto-inform state of K3 radios, and doesn’t care whether or not you turn it on yourself. You may want to turn it on if you have external hardware that sniffs the K3 serial port data. Otherwise, leave it off to reduce the amount of serial port traffic.

The radio frequency and mode for the Pounce QSO entry box are now initialized to the same values as the Run QSO when SkookumLogger connects to a radio during startup.

The Radio 1 ► VFOs ► Exchange command has been renamed to Radio 1 ► VFOs ► Exchange VFOs to disambiguate from the Messages ► Exchange command when assigning shortcut keys.

The items in the Help menu have been reorganized.

Misfeatures fixed

The “Blend Receive Audio” slider in 2T2R preferences had no effect. Thanks WA1Z.

Editing the Sent Report QSO entry field resulted in garbage being logged instead of the edited report. Thanks 2EØLDZ.

The title for the “QSOs by Continent” table in the statistics report was “Countries by Continent.” Thanks WA1Z.

QSO point computation in the UKEI DX Contest was incorrect for some cases, and didn’t deal the with new case of double-points for QSOs made between 01Z and 05Z. Thanks GØDVJ.