2.0.x Release Notes

2.0.18 2017.03.22

New features

SkookumLogger can optionally send me error reports. See the new Reporting errors topic in the Problems section of Help.


The Log table context menu has been removed.

The Log ► Find QSOs command has been removed.

Log ► Explain Suspect QSO has been renamed Log ► Explain Selected Suspect QSOs. The Explain Suspect window now shows the call, time, and all of the issues for the suspect QSO. Separate windows appear for each suspect QSO, one window at a time.

Log ► Delete Selected Log QSOs has been renamed Log ► Delete Selected QSOs and its shortcut has been removed. Log ► Delete Last Log QSO has been renamed Log ► Delete Last QSO and the shortcut has been changed to ⌘⌫. Edit ► Undo works for both of these commands.

The region code for Norwich has been changed from NR to NK for the UK/EI DX Contests. Thanks GØDVJ.

Misfeatures fixed

SkookumLogger was crashing when attempting to determine the Commonwealth Call Area (CCA) for malformed call signs. This bug affected only the RSGB Commonwealth contest (aka BERU). In addition, SkookumLogger no longer identifies non-commonwealth calls as needed, and handles HQ entrants per-CCA instead of only for UK&CD. Thanks GØDVJ and G4AJY.

VAQP In VA was marking QSOs with stations in VA as suspect. Thanks W2RU.

RDXC was counting QSOs with UA, UA2, UA9 as country multipliers. Also mobile-marine stations are now identified, assigned correct QSO points, and not considered as multipliers.

Export to ADIF of the DXCC entity number was broken by the change in QSO information introduced in the previous release. Thanks GØDVJ.

2.0.17 2017.03.09

New features

The 2T2R menu has a new option, Automatically Enable Alternating CQ. When checked, Sending message 1 (CQ, F1) or sending the End QSO message turns on the Alternating CQ mode. Thanks JH5GHM.

The 2T2R menu and the Audio Routing window have a new option, Preserve Transmit Routing. When checked, the receive audio routing is not changed when exiting Alternating CQ mode. Thanks JH5GHM.

When the radio changes bands and the activity window for the new band is open, that window is moved in front of all other activity window. Thanks W2RU.

Typing a number followed by the degree symbol (°, entered as shift-option-8) in a Call entry field sets your rotator bearing when you type return or you navigate out of the call field with spacebar.

SkookumLogger now displays region name and region code information from the AD1C country database. For example, the QSO information line for UR5MM begins with "UR Ukraine: Lugansk(LU)".


The contest module for the RSGB Commonwealth Contest has been updated to conform, somewhat, to dramatic changes in the rules describing a valid QSO. The module does not support entrants at HQ stations. The Other Multipliers Checksheet tallies QSOs with Commonwealth Call Areas, but does not exactly represents the names and codes for those areas as listed by RSGB. Use the checksheet to determine whether or not a potential QSO might contribute bonus points.

SkookumLogger Help has been reworked to divide large topics into separate smaller topics, with two topic levels in the table of contents. Some internal links may have been broken, along with help buttons in SkookumLogger; please let me know if you find damage.

When you trigger a command that causes a radio to change frequencies, SkookumLogger stops transmitting and waits 0.2 seconds after completing the command before possibly beginning transmission. Now, for the K3 radio, that wait is extended to 0.5 seconds when the frequency change involves a band change.

The power entry field now accepts any character. As before, the entry field converts A E N and T cut numbers to digits. Otherwise, whatever you type is saved in your log, and the first six characters are exported in a Cabrillo file.

MicroHAM Digikeyer II and MicroKEYER II support has been removed.

Misfeatures fixed

Log ► Announce Activity was sending bogus spots to your DX Cluster connection when the QSO Entry Box with transmit focus had an empty call field. The new behavior is: if the call field QSO Entry Box with keyboard focus has a valid call sign, spot the pending QSO in that QSO Entry Box. Otherwise, spot the most recent QSO in the log. Spots include call sign, frequency, mode, and possibly QSX information. Also, the lower text box in the DX Cluster window now logs your spots so that you can see what was sent. Thanks WA1Z and W2RU.

2.0.16 2017.02.20

New features

A new contest, the Black Sea Cup contest, has been added in the Regional group.

A new contest, the Worked All Provinces of China contest, has been added in the National group. There are separate choices for entrants In China and for entrants Outside China. Thanks BG5EEF.

The statistics report now lists calls worked on (N – 1) bands in addition to calls worked on N bands for contests where the number of bands (N) is greater than 1.

In alternating CQ mode (available only in 2T2R), both QSO entry focus and transmit focus toggle after each CQ so that entry focus is opposite to transmit focus. Thanks JH5GHM.


The QSO counts shown in the Score window no longer exclude zero-point QSOs that are not multipliers, to be consistent with other contest loggers. Thanks WA1Z and W6SX.

The Activity Table Info column has always shown an abbreviated version of the information for a skimmer spot beginning with the SNR reported by the skimmer. SkookumLogger now prepends a zero to SNR values containing a single digit, so that sorting on the Info column now properly orders table rows by ascending or descending SNR.

The General Logging “contest” now does not consider contest period or some empty “exchange” fields when identifying suspect QSOs. Thanks W2RU, W6TN.

Misfeatures fixed

A very infrequent crash related to handling incoming DX Cluster spots may finally be resolved. Thanks WA1Z.

2.0.15 2017.01.31

New features

A new contest, the Jock White Memorial Field Day, had been added in the National group. Thanks K7GQ/KH6CW/ZL4ND.

A new contest, the Scottish DX Contest, has been added in the National group, with separate choices for entrants in Scotland and entrants outside Scotland. Thanks GØDVJ.


The IC-9100 has been added to the list of ICOM radios that explicitly unset the RTS signal in order to prevent the G8XGG ICOM interface from asserting PTT. The other radio in the list is the IC-910H. Thanks K5ND.

Internal data structures have been changed to decrease my pain in maintaining information about each contest. Contest names have been reorganized somewhat in the New Contest Log chooser.

The File ► Close Log command has been removed and other File menu commands have been reordered. The Log window Close button has been disabled.

Misfeatures fixed

Possibly fixed a rare crash when using a DX Cluster. Thanks W2RU.

Scrolling an Activity Table to keep the rx item visible was interfering with sorting on Age to keep newest spots at the top of the table. Bad idea; SkookumLogger no longer scrolls the tables. Thanks DL7ALM.

2.0.14 2017.01.16

New features

A new contest, the Jock White Memorial Field Day, had been added in the National group. Thanks K7GQ/KH6CW/ZL4ND.


SkookumLogger now always shows the Information Window at startup unless you turn off the option in Logging preferences, and the window is no longer hidden when the application is inactive. These changes are intended to help new users who are mystified when they first start SkookumLogger and they don't see any windows.

The File ► Download RSGB Clubs Database command has been removed because RSGB no longer provides that data as a downloadable file. Instead SkookumLogger uses an embedded database that has been manually constructed from a table on an RSGB web page.

SkookumLogger now does more complete tests of whether or not a callsign is valid. Calls that are in SCP are valid. Calls that in cty_wt_mod.dat are valid. Calls that end in one or more digits are not valid.

Call validation has been tested against the 2011 KC1XX WWCW log (more than 11000 QSOs), against a clublog.scp file with more than 190K calls, and against a list of more than 100 calls that were declared invalid by a log-checking program. These tests give me some confidence that SkookumLogger call validation is acceptably reliable at both detecting bad calls and not falsely identifying good calls as bad calls. Thanks WA1Z.

When a QSO contains an invalid call, it is marked as a Suspect QSO (SQ in the Log table) and the Log ► Explain Suspect QSO command provides, well, an explanation. SkookumLogger does not force you to modify QSOs marked with the SQ flag, but it ignores those QSOs when, for example, determining worked multipliers.

Misfeatures fixed

When using SkookumNet, logging a QSO on one machine crashed SkookumLogger on all other machines. Not a pretty sight. Thanks GØDVJ.

SkookumLogger was refusing to start on Mac OS 10.9, rudely ignoring the documentation asserting that 10.9 is supported. Thanks SM7HGY.

Parsing of calls like K4D/KP4 to extract the root call (K4D) was choosing the wrong component when both components had the same number of characters.

Parsing of calls with three parts (two forward slashes) was failing for some corner cases, including KH7XS/P/W4, EP/RX6DL/SWL, 4X6TT/R/JY1, LU/UA4WHX/X, CE7/UA4WHX/A, DU1/JA1PBV/1, FO/UT6UD/A, 9M2/R6AF/6.

2.0.13 2016.12.30

New features

In 1T1R or 1T2R, when Pounce has keyboard focus and the “Fills QSO entry from nearby activity” option is on in Activities preferences, tuning the receiver within Frequency Tolerance of an activity table entry snaps the radio receive and transmit frequencies to the activity frequencies. In 2T2R, the same behavior applies for each radio when the radio submode is Pounce. Previously the activity was copied to the QSO entry fields but the radio was not changed, so the option did not do the right thing when the activity had QSX information. When you tune rapidly, the radio may snap back to an activity that you just tuned past; this is normal behavior. Once the radio has snapped to an activity, you can continue tuning without causing another snap as long as the QSO call field content matches the activity call.


Added DC as a multiplier for the North American QSO Party contest. Thanks W2RU, W6SX.

Added Portugal provinces as multipliers for Concurso 80 m CW URE Manises contest. Thanks CT1DRB.

Modified all RSGB UKAC contest modules to remove M7 multipliers and add B2 bonus points. Modified Score window to show Total score and Bonus points for contests that have no multipliers and do have non-zero Bonus points. Changed 2017 dates for 24 4m UKAC and 6m UKAC contests, some RSGB Club Calls CW and Data contests, and some UKEICC 80m contests. Modified RSGB NFD and SSB FD rules to make them the same (except that SSB FD excludes 160m), including DXCC countries as multipliers and modifications to QSO points calculations. Thanks GØDVJ.

A consequence of removal of M7 multipliers was that the shading of worked multipliers (grid squares) on the Maidenhead Map was no longer available. To avoid wide-spread discontent among UK SL users, that display has been modified so that any contest with grid in the received exchange will shade worked grids whether or not they are multipliers.

SkookumLogger now removes “CW”, “RTTY” and “PSK31” in DX announcement comments from skimmers, since mode is displayed in the Mode column of Activity tables. The filtered comments are displayed in the Info columns.

Misfeatures fixed

Substituting contest rules for old logs where the contest name had changed was failing to actually change the rules, and the Cancel button failed to prevent changing the old log.

2.0.12 2016.12.15

New features

When the configuration is 2T2R, the Messages menu shows a new repeating CQ command, Alternating CQ. Choosing the command toggles the Alternating CQ mode. This mode toggles the transmit radio and sends the CQ (F1) message. When the CQ message ends, the transmit radio is toggled again and the CQ message is sent again immediately. If a message is playing when Alternating CQ mode is turned on, the toggle/CQ behavior begins when the message ends. Tapping esc immediately stop sending and turns off the Alternating CQ mode. Typing into the Call field of the QSO entry box with transmit focus also stops sending and turns off the Alternating CQ mode when the “Typing stops Beacon CQ” messages option is on. Typing into the other Call field does not affect sending. Alternating CQ and Beacon CQ are mutually exclusive modes. Thanks JH5GHM.

Morse message 11 is now treated as a short acknowledge message. It is sent by Messages ► Short Acknowledge and by Messages ► Short Acknowledge + Log QSO, and by the corresponding new Special Key that you define in Messages preferences. You may want to edit the message label and content in existing logs.

The per-band log files created by File ► Create Statistics Report now mark each QSO with R or P following the time field, indicating Run mode or Pounce mode. For 2T2R, the marks are R1 and R2, for Radio 1 and Radio 2.

Log ► Move Call from Run to Pounce moves the Run call to the Pounce call and clears all Run QSO Entry fields. Thanks W2RU.

SkookumLogger now pre-fills received zone fields with zones from previous QSOs. Thanks JH5GHM.


The Beacon CQ checkbox in the Log window has been replaced by a label that shows which repeating CQ mode is active.

These commands now stop sending and turn off the mode when either Beacon CQ or Alternating CQ is active:

These 2T2R commands turn off Alternating CQ mode:

When sending a CW message that contains the received call token at the beginning, SkookumLogger no longer delays updating the partials list, QSO information and activity tables. In previous releases, those delays were necessary to prevent interfering with callsign type-ahead.

When sending a CW message that contains the log QSO token, SkookumLogger no longer delays logging until the message has finished sending. The delayed-log behavior was introduced in version 2.0.0, and turned out to have undesireable side-effects.

In 1T1R and 1T2R, sending a message via a command that causes a change in transmit focus is delayed briefly (200 ms) before sending begins in order to provide time for the radio to change its transmit frequency. Previously this delay was applied only for the “CQ causes Pounce to Run focus switch” option. The new Messages ► Focus Run + CQ command has the same effect as the option except that it is triggered by your choice of short-cut key. Thanks W2RU.

The General Logging “contest” module has several additional QSO Entry fields: Sent Report, Received Report, Info, Name, and Precedence. The sent exchange includes an Info field and a Power field. Thanks W2RU.

Misfeatures fixed

In 2T2R, Opening Radio 2 without first opening Radio 1 resulted in neither radio having transmit focus. Thanks WA1Z.

In 1T1R and 1T2R with the “CQ causes Pounce to Run focus switch” option enabled and transmit focus in Pounce, pressing F1 to start CQing would fail to send a complete CQ message if the automatic transmit focus change to Run causes a band change. This happened because band changes cause a change in transmit antenna selection, and any transmit antenna selection first stops sending. Now, sending is not stopped by the transmit antenna change unless the antenna Switch controller is open. This fix applies to everyone who is not using an antenna switch controller. Thanks BG5EEF.

Formatting rules for the Notes field has been added in the Log Window section of SkookumLogger Help. Thanks W2RU.

Changing the Mode item in Cabrillo Settings was failing to reinitialize the layout of the Score table. Thanks WA1Z.

2.0.11 2016.12.02

New features

The Ukrainian DX Contest has 27 UR multipliers. Previously, SkookumLogger parsed oblast information in the AD1C countries database to identify those multipliers and displayed them as “Other” type. That scheme missed two multipliers that are cities within their oblasts. SkookumLogger now recognizes those two multipliers, and displays all 27 multipliers as “Region” multiplier type. The first letter in the suffix of a UR call sign uniquely identifies one of 25 oblasts. The name column in the Region checksheet includes the suffix letter. There are two duplicate cases, J and U.

The contest name stored in each SkookumLogger log file identifies the set of rules used to process the log’s QSOs to identify multipliers, compute your score, and so on. SkookumLogger has a new scheme for supporting old logs containing contest names that don’t exist in the current version of SkookumLogger. When you open a log like that, SkookumLogger displays the Substitute Contest Chooser window. The chooser allows you to change the log’s contest name to an equivalent existing contest name, or to temporarily open the log using the General Logging rules.

Support for the recently-published WRTC 2018 contest rules has been implemented, in the Other group of Contest Names.

Support has been added for the Concurso 80 m CW URE Manises contest in the National group of Contest Names. Thanks CT1DRB.

Support for some kinds of bonus points scoring schemes has been added, in order to prepare for yet another round of imminent changes in RSGB contest rules. A single bonus point value will be added to the bonus-free score computed from QSO points and multiplers. The bonus point value itself will not be displayed. The bonus point value can be anything computable from the current log, such as working certain stations or working certain regions the first time. Bonuses for things that would require a new contest-specific user interface, such as whether or not you sent a (ARRL) Field Day message, will not be supported. This release of SkookumLogger hasn’t implement the bonus points scheme for any contest as yet.

SkookumLogger now supports the ICOM IC-910H. Thanks K5ND and MØYGB.


The File ► Save Log As… command has been replaced by File ► New Log From Existing…. The new command duplicates the current log into a new log file that you name with a standard Save dialog. The duplicate log becomes the current log.

It is once again possible to change your contest call in the Sent Exchange Editor.

The File ► Post to Live Scoreboard command has been removed. A new option, Post to Live Scores, has been added to Logging preferences. When the option is checked and when the current time is within the contest period for the current log’s contest, SkookumLogger will post your current score summary every 5 minutes. Toggling the option turns posting on and off, and SkookumLogger will begin posting automatically when the option is on at startup.

2.0.10 2016.10.28


Sending Cabrillo logs via Mail using the convenience commands in the SkookumLogger File menu may fail on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) with an obscure OSStatus message. If it does not fail, then the email will appear in the Drafts mailbox for the account associated with the from email address (taken from the Email item in the log’s Cabrillo Header Items) and you will need to manually send the message. So far I’ve been unable to determine why macOS 10.12 behaves this way. Thanks WA1Z.


Sent and Received report fields are now consistently initialized with 59 when the QSO mode is SSB, and otherwise with 599.

Misfeatures fixed

The Confirm Close Log option (Logging preferences) was not obeyed when using the Close Log command in the File menu. It was obeyed when the log window’s close button was clicked.

In 1T2R only, it was possible for a log to get into a state where many strange things happened without crashing. Some symptoms were no highlight for the focused QSO Entry box and no response to some commands including Log QSO and Toggle QSO Entry Focus. Thanks GØDVJ and W2RU.

SkookumLogger was crashing at startup when configured to use an ACOM 2000A amplifier. Thanks W2RU.

2.0.9 2016.10.21


Items in the Windows menu that require an open log in order to be useful are now disabled when there is no open log. Attempting to open some log-dependent windows with no log caused a crash.

Updated the start dates for the two UK/EI DX Contests. Thanks GØDVJ.

2.0.8 2016.10.18

New features

A Wires-only overlay category has been added to Cabrillo settings. Thanks GØDVJ.


SkookumLogger now does not open the New Contest Log window when opened with no previous open log. There are three cases where there is no previous open log:

Editing a report field now restores the default value only if the field is empty when focus moves away from the field. Thanks GØDVJ.

The useless tabbed-window items in the View and Window menus that show up on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) are now hidden.

Misfeatures fixed

A typo affected the default font style for Needed Multiplier calls for users who had never changed that preference.

SkookumLogger was crashing when switching between different logs.

SkookumLogger was failing to include worked calls in partials matching for contests with no exchange field types that are saved in the Exchange database.

If Activity windows were open and the Log window was closed when quitting SkookumLogger, then starting SkookumLogger by opening a log file would fail to restore the locations of the Activity windows. Instead they were being stacked on top of one another.

Shift-double-click on an activity was leaving keyboard focus in the activity table; now it changes focus to the most-recently-focused QSO entry field.

SkookumLogger now tests frequencies reported by radios before using them, to prevent potential crashes. Thanks JH5GHM.

2.0.7 2016.09.21

Misfeatures fixed

The change related to fonts and colors introduced in 2.0.6 caused crashes for some users. Thanks DL7ALM, W6TN.

2.0.6 2016.09.19

New features

The scheme for setting fonts and colors in Logging preferences has changed. Your present settings will be lost, so you might want to make note of your font style and color choices before updating so that you can recreate them. See the Fonts and Colors section in the Log Window topic of Help.

Added support for IC-718. Thanks AF7VT.

Added help tags to Port menu items in Serial preferences that identify the names of devices previously associated with ports.

Added the device name previously associated with a port name to the informative text in the Port Added window.

Added Update Spot Filter at log in option in DX Cluster preferences.


Your current contest call is now automatically included in your buddies list.

Some terminology in the user interface has been modified. In Serial preferences, “Connect” is now “Open” and “Disconnect” is now “Close”. In DX Cluster preferences, “Connect” is now “Log In” and “Disconnect” is now “Log Out”.

Misfeatures fixed

USA calls that are identified as special cases in the Countries database, like N6AR in FL instead of CA, were being tagged as in Europe by the Worked All Europe In Europe QTC Series window. Thanks GØDVJ.

2.0.5 2016.09.09

New features

SkookumLogger now supports the RSGB SSB Field Day contest.


The Help Book has been reorganized and scrubbed, revealing quite a bit of misinformation and also exposing unreported bugs in SkookumLogger. As part of this process, user interfaces for some preferences have been moved to different panes, the Me and Export preference panes have been replaced by the Cabrillo preference pane, and some item labels and menu item titles have been revised to improve consistency in terminology. There is no change in SkookumLogger beyond the correction of those bugs — which apparently were not bothering anyone.

Options for frequency tolerances in Configuration and Activities preferences have been simplified to one option in Activities preferences. As a side-effect, several additional unreported bugs were eliminated.

Misfeatures fixed

SkookumLogger was misbehaving when creating new logs for some contest types. You must set the Contest Call field in Exchange preferences before creating a new log. The Call field in Sent Exchange Editor is no longer editable. Thanks JH5GHM and 2EØLDZ.

SkookumLogger once again honors Finder’s Hide Extension setting for log files, instead of unconditionally turning the flag off. Now you don’t have to see “.sl-binary” in the log window title if you don’t want to. Thanks GØDVJ.

Possibly eliminated a difficult-to-reproduce crash apparently related to clearing an already cleared QSO entry box. Thanks WA1Z.

The polling rate for the FTdx-1200 radio has been reduced to 1 Hz. DL7ALM reports that SkookumLogger now no longer stops tracking his radio frequencies when interfaced through an SCU-17.

The Typing stops Beacon CQ option had no effect in SSB mode. Thanks JH5GHM.

2.0.4 2016.08.25

New features

The 2T2R configuration now has the option to automatically fill the active QSO entry box with a nearby activity when the main receive frequency changes. The auto-fill happens only if the radio is in Pounce submode (indicated by a yellow dot), and is skipped if the frequency change was caused by pouncing on an activity. Thanks WA1Z and JH5GHM.

Logging preferences has a new option, Do not test for Suspect times. When selected, SkookumLogger does not flag QSOs outside the contest period as suspects. You can use this option to practice logging before a contest without having to fuss with Start Date in Time Tracker. The option is turned off when you choose Log ▶︎ Reset Log, which you would do to clear the practice log before the contest starts.

File ▶︎ Submit Log Via Web Browser is a new command that assists you in sending your log to the contest sponsor. When you choose the command, SkookumLogger presents a file Save sheet for you to define where to save your Cabrillo file, and opens the appropriate web page in your web browser. That page will have a button that opens another file chooser where you select the saved Cabrillo file. The command is disabled if the contest sponsor doesn’t support uploading via the web.


Help ▶︎ Contest Rules is a command that opens the contest sponsor’s rules page in your web browser. The command is now disabled instead of being hidden if SkookumLogger doesn’t have a suitable URL.

Help ▶︎ Contest Rules Summary is a command that opens the WA7BNM perpetual calendar rules summary page for the current log’s contest. The command is now disabled instead of hidden when there is no such page. The rules summary page has a “Find rules at” item that may lead to detailed rules when the Help ▶︎ Contest Rules command is disabled.

The URLs for both of the above commands have been reviewed for all contests supported by SkookumLogger, as part of the task of adding URLs for the new Submit Log Via Web Browser command.

The options CQ causes Pounce to Run focus switch are now available for both 1T1R and 1T2R.

The multiplier type for the Russian District Award Contest (RDAC) is now Region instead of Locator. A complete table of districts has been added by parsing the rda_eng.txt file when you open an RDAC log. That table defines the available regions; it has 88 areas (roughly, oblasts), and 2640 districts.

2.0.3 2016.08.17

New features

The RSGB 23cm UKAC contest is now supported. Thanks G4UDU.

[WAE Contest] The QTC Series window has a new command, Delete QTC, which removes the selected QTC from your log. If the removed QTC was the only QTC remaining in its series, the series is also removed from your log. The QSO for the removed QTC is then available to be sent as part of another series. The series number of a discarded series is not reused. Discarding a QTC decrements the count for its series in your log, so the N/C value that you sent will differ from the N/C value in your log. As far as I can tell, WAE log-checking compares sent and received N, but not sent and received C.

[WAE Contest] Calls in Activity tables that can send or receive QTCs are identified with # prefixing the call, using the same rules as if you had typed the call into a QSO Entry box.

[WAE Contest] The status line in the QTC Series window updates when you grab an activity.

[WAE Contest] The QTC Series window is opened for you when you open a WAE log.


Help has been updated to describe using type-select in Activity tables.

[WAE Contest] The content of the QTC for Selected Series table is now editable only for entrants inside Europe.

[WAE Contest] The QTC Series table can be sorted on these columns: Number, Count, Receiver, UTC.

Activity table updates are no longer blocked when the table has a selected row. Thanks WA1Z.

Misfeatures fixed

New logs were being initialized with incorrect Time Tracker information. Thanks WA1Z.

Information received from a DX Cluster containing unexpected (non-ASCII) characters caused a crash. Thanks DL7ALM.

2.0.2 2016.08.07


The release notes for 2.0.1 asserted that the two tables in the QTC Series window are not sortable. Not quite true; the UTC column in the series table is sortable, allowing you to locate the most recent series at the top or the bottom of the table. You probably want it at the top, so that new series will be visible without scrolling. Thanks WA1Z.

Misfeatures fixed

Internal changes in 2.0.1 resulted in SkookumLogger identifying any log with more than one item in the operators list as damaged. I’m not really that opposed to multi-ops. Thanks GØDVJ.

2.0.1 2016.08.02

New features

The CW messages sent at various stages of exchanging QTCs in the WAEDC contest are now user-defined. You define the messages in the QTC tab of your Messages preferences. The default messages match the previous wired messages. See Help for additional information.

The Delete Series button in the QTC Series window now also changes keyboard focus to the most-recently-focused QSO entry field.

The End Series button in the QTC Series window sends the End Series message only when you are in run mode.

The Log ► Begin QTC command now either starts a new QTC series, or simply focuses the QTC Series window when a series already exists.

In 2T2R when either of the Begin QTC Series or His Call + Begin QTC Series commands is triggered, SkookumLogger first determines whether or not transmit focus matches keyboard focus; if not SkookumLogger aborts sending and changes the transmit focus to match keyboard focus, then proceeds as usual.


The Sparkle updating framework has been updated to version 1.14.0.

Internal handling of persistent object initialization and saving has been revised to eliminate most cases where the document-needs-saving (“dirty”) indicator appears — a black dot inside the red close dot at the right end of the Log window title bar.

Tracking of the CQ count has been revised so that each CQ no longer marks the log as dirty.

The recently introduced ability to undo clearing a QSO has been removed because it had the side-effect of marking the document as dirty.

Alternating row highlighting and column dividers cosmetics now are used in all tables, so that you know they are tables.

Scattered code dealing with Maidenhead locators has been consolidated into appropriate objects. When guessing a locator for a QSO, SkookumLogger applies this logic:

The two tables in the QTC Series window are no longer sortable.

Misfeatures fixed

WAEDC Inside EU logs became confused about the entrant’s location after quitting and restarting SkookumLogger. This was caused by order-dependent initialization and motivated the internal changes mentioned above. Thanks GØDVJ.

2.0.0 2016.07.16

This release bumps the major version number due to significant internal changes that require OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later. You may notice some cosmetic changes in SkookumLogger appearance, but there are no changes in behavior over what you are accustomed to beyond those described below.

New features

SkookumLogger now support three additional bands. The supported contest bands are 160m 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m 6m 4m 2m 125cm 70cm 33cm 23cm. All tables, lists of bands, and the statistics reports have been updated to refer to the bands usings these names. The Phantom radio module supports all 13 bands, for use when you want to log QSOs without a real radio connection. There are three new Activity windows, and the Antenna Configuration window knows about the new bands.


Checksheets show a column for each contest-relevant band. If the contest’s multipliers are not per-band, then the table has “1” in the cell for the band where the multiplier was first worked. Otherwise, the table cells contain the number of QSOs with that multiplier on each band.

SkookumLogger was marking a QSO as suspect (SQ) when the number of characters in the received grid did not exactly match the expected number of characters (4 or 6 depending on the contest). Now SkookumLogger requires only that the grid have at least the expected number of characters.

The BC (Band Changes) columns in statistics report rate tables didn’t make sense for 2T2R, so they have been replaced by a new table that lists band changes for each radio. Thanks JH5GHM.

In statistics reports, the rate tables consider only good QSOs (those that contribute to your score) while other tables consider all QSOs in the log.

When a CW message containing the Log QSO token is triggered, performing the log action is postponed until the message has been completely sent or has been aborted. You can continue to edit the received exchange while the message is playing.

When zooming a Great Circle map, the map location at the center of the window remains centered after zooming.

The Radio Type name “KX3” has changed to “KX3 and KX2”, as the two radios are identical from the SkookumLogger point of view.

The File ► Update Exchange Database command now skips only incomplete QSOs instead of all SQ QSOs.

The Log ► Make UTC Editable command works only for QSOs already in the log when you turned it on. SkookumLogger now quietly turns UTC editability off when you log a QSO to avoid confusion. Thanks JH5GHM.

Misfeatures fixed

Activity windows now have a more rational minimum size.

The “freq” field in Cabrillo reports is now derived from the transmit frequency; it had been derived from the main receive frequency. Also, the field is left-padded with spaces to align QSO records; thanks JH5GHM.

Code that attempted to recover morse messages when opening a log with a corrupted set of messages has been removed. Instead, when a log doesn’t have the expected number of messages, all messages in the log are deleted and a new set is constructed from Messages preferences. Thanks GØDVJ.

The size of the target dot was not properly scaled when zooming the Great Circle Map. Thanks GØDVJ.

A single-band log with Band category set to All in Log Settings caused an unhandled exception, resulting in undefined behavior. In one case, the undefined behavior was duplicating characters in call sign fields. Thanks G4AJY.

The KX3 (and now KX2) radio control module had a frequency management bug. Thanks GØDVJ.

IARU HF Championship was mishandling logged zones that were different than the expected zone for the call. Thanks WA1Z.

The society code for NU1AW was being guessed as ARRL instead of IARU when the call ended in /x. Thanks WA1Z.

The society code for W1AW was not being guessed at all instead of ARRL.

The zone checksheet had multiple rows for some zones. Thanks JH5GHM.