2.4.x Release Notes

2.4.13 2020-01-29

New features

The Minnesota QSO Party is now supported for entrants outside MN. Thanks AF8A.


Increased the width of QSO Points Per Hour display text fields from 3 digits to 4 digits to prevent truncation in certain RSGB contests. Thanks GØDVJ.

Added JetBrains Mono as a recognized monospace font.

When changing the Fixed Pitch Font in Logging preferences, previous style choices are now not changed unless the new font doesn‘t have the style; in those cases the style is set to Regular. See the updated Fonts and Colors topic in the Log Window section of Help.

2.4.12 2020-01-16

New features

Kenwood TS-890S is supported; treated as equivalent to TS-590S. Thanks K3DCW.

The multi-step Steal Frequency command has been added to the list of XK-24 commands:

The Rebuild Checksheets command is now run automatically when the log has less than 1000 QSOs and the Mode, Preference, or Rover field is changed for a logged QSO.

In 1T2R with Radio 2 connected and “Use Radio 2 as second receiver” not selected, frequency and mode changes for Radio 2 are now ignored instead of appearing to be Radio 1 changes. Thanks W2RU.


The Continent popup list is now a popdown list in the Country, Prefix, and Zone checksheet windows. With a popdown list, you can individually toggle which continents are shown in the checksheet table. Initially, all continents are checked. Thanks JH5GHM.

The XK-24 Configuration window now has a Help button.

The command names in the XK-24 Configuration popup menus now match the corresponding menu item titles in the SkookumLogger menu bar.

The ”Toggle Transmit Radio“, “Transmit on Radio 1”, and “Transmit on Radio 2” command functionality of the 2T2R menu now also exists in the View menu. For example, the View menu item “Focus Transmit Run” in 1T opmodes, corresponds to “Transmit on Radio 1” in 2T2R opmode, and the shortcut (home) now works in any opmode. Thanks W2RU.

In 1T, when transmit focus is changed twice quickly, SkookumLogger now enforces a 0.4 second delay before the second change is performed. This throttling prevents a situation where the Radio 1 report that radio frequency changed might be associated with the wrong transmit focus. Consequences included suddenly finding yourself CQing on what was your pounce frequency. Thanks W2RU, WA1Z.

Now prevent accidentally deleting the entire log with Delete Selected QSOs.

Updated several contests:

The FTdx101 subreceiver is now supported. Thanks GØDVJ.

Overlay graphics in the SkookumLogger Panadapter window are now hidden when the video capture device is used with a radio other than K3 with a P3. Thanks GØDVJ.

The panadapter subreceiver cursor is now hidden when the subreceiver is either off or in diversity mode.

In 1T2R with “Use Radio 2 as second receiver” selected, the Turn SubRX Off/Turn SubRX On commands mute/unmute Radio 2 audio instead of changing Radio 1 subreceiver state. Radio 2 may be either K3 or TS590S. This evil trick relies on the radio having squelch that works for all modes (see the SQ MAIN item in K3 Config documentation). Thanks W2RU.

Misfeatures fixed

Audio routing was falsely being changed while sending CW messages and the keyer was asked if it was sending at a time between characters in a message. Thanks JH5GHM.

Addressed two memory leaks in Receiver Noise code.

Choosing RTTY or DIGI in the Log Setting sheet Category Mode menu was generating odd behavior and spurious reports of NS (Not Supported) mode. Thanks W2RU.

2.4.11 2019-12-01

New features

JH5GHM has added an “edit-behind” capability to CW callsign type-ahead. Previously, if, while sending the call, you added or deleted a character in the already-sent part of the call, the remaining characters to be sent would become confused.

The 2T2R menu now has a Swap Radios item. When both radios are connected, the main receive frequencies, transmit frequencies, modes, keyer speeds, keyboard foci, transmit foci, and submodes (Run or Pounce) are swapped. There is no attempt to prevent transmitting before radios have settled into the new states. Thanks JH5GHM.

The 2T2R menu now has three menu items in a new group at the bottom of the menu. The tooltip for each item describes the effect of selecting the item. The items are mutually exclusive and initially none are selected. Choosing an item sets the item’s checkmark. Choosing a checked item unsets the checkmark leaving all items unchecked, but otherwise has no effect. Thanks JH5GHM.

SkookumLogger now supports the ICOM IC-9700 and the Yaesu FTdx-101MP. Thanks GØDVJ.

Activities created from spots with “beacon” or “ncdxf” in the spot information field have their Info field filled with “BEACON” and are adorned with the worked before font and color (because you probably can’t work them).

Mode guessing for spots now tests against FT4 and FT8 frequencies snarfed from WSJT-X 2.1.0 source code. These tests are used only when the spot doesn’t explicitly identify these modes. In that case, if a test succeeds the mode is Data and FT4 or FT8 appears in the activity info field.

The mode for spots with “fox hound”, “fh” or “f/h” in the spot information field is set to Data.

SkookumLogger now supports The International Naval Contest. This is located in the QSO Party group with separate entries for Naval Club members and nonmembers. Lacking evidence to the contrary in the rules, SkookumLogger assumes this is an everybody-works-everybody event. Thanks GØDVJ.

The Log window now has indicators that appear in 2T2R operating mode when AutoEnableAlternatingCQ and Enable2BSIQAudioRouting are active. The indicators are white dots superimposed on the existing gumdrops for both radios. AutoEnableAlternatingCQ is superimposed on the transmit (red) gumdrops, and Enable2BSIQAudioRouting is superimposed on the receive (green) gumdrops. Thanks JH5GHM.

Window ► XK-24 Configuration opens a user interface for associating XK-24 keypad keys with SkookumLogger commands. See the XK-24 Keypad topic in the External Hardware section of Help. XK-24 support requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina).

Time Tracker now has an Apply Changes button, to be used after editing Start Date, Contest Duration, and/or Maximum On Time. This saves the changes and rebuilds all of the transient hash tables (like Rebuild Checksheets), which will stall the UI for large logs.

The Silly Statistics report now shows the number of on-time minutes with zero QSOs just below the table of QSOs/minute counts. Thanks W2RU.


For contests that have grid fields in both the sent and received exchanges, except for the RSGB RoLo contests (thanks GØDVJ):

The terminator automatic redraw interval has been reduced from 5 minutes to 1 minute.

Help ► AR-Cluster Spot Filter Guide has been changed to a site that has better descriptions of the Skimmer-related filter flags.

The Pass Information window now has fixed column widths, uses X instead of x as the worked flag, and orders flags alphabetically left-to-right by mode (CW Data FM FSK PSK SSB) for multi-mode contests.

When the number of QSOs in a log is less than 1000, actions that change one or more logged QSOs automatically run the Log ► Rebuild Checksheets command to keep everything up-to-date. Changes include editing in the log table, Correct Last QSO, Delete Last QSO, and Delete Selected QSOs. Please let me know if you find the threshold to be too low or too high for your use cases — the command can stall SkookumLogger depending on log size and computer speed.

SkookumLogger now hides all panadapter overlays when the panadapter span is zero.

SkookumLogger now disconnects DXCluster when the computer enters sleep and reconnects when the computer leaves sleep. Although, operating a contest with a sleeping computer seems counter-productive.

You can now use up to three rotators. The Antenna menu has additional rotator-related commands. Commands that require a target are disabled when the target isn’t defined. Commands that need rotator x are disabled when rotator x isn’t open. You associate a rotator with an antenna in the Antenna Configuration window. Clicking on a map, and the text command for setting rotator bearing, affect Rotator 1.

The Window ► Rotator Bearing window shows the bearing for Rotator 1, for users who don’t have enough screen space to show a map window.

The Antenna ► Transmit Antenna ► Point At Target command name has changed to Select Best TX Antenna to better reflect what it does (selects the transmit antenna with main lobe closest to target bearing) rather than turning some antenna. Similarly for the Receive antennas.

Misfeatures fixed

Changing the SPEED knob on an SO2R Box was affected the sending speed display when the SO2R Box keyer was not being used.

Changing Time Tracker duration caused a rare crash when the change happened while Rate Tracker was updating. Thanks W2RU.

ADIF export was silently failing when the log contained a not-strict-ASCII character. Thanks MØTDZ.

Prefill was not filling the Check field for Sweepstakes logs. Thanks KX6A.

Parsing of the EA4TX azimuth poll response was broken. Thanks VA7GI.

2.4.10 2019-10-19

New features

Stacked Calls now works with Magic Message.


Editing the mode of an activity is now broadcast to SkookumNet. Additional changes related to editing logged QSOs and adding QSOs when SkookumNet is enabled:

Catalina broke decoding of XK-24 input key presses. I changed the code to work on Catalina (and not on previous macOS versions since I am the only one using the XK-24; I think).

Improved Fuzzy matching, thanks JH5GHM:

In Practice mode, when you enter a call containing a question mark, the caller responds with his call instead of his exchange. Thanks JH5GHM.

The log table now has rational minimum column widths instead of 4 pixels. Also, some column titles have been modified and some columns have been changed to fixed-width. Thanks W6FB.

Log ► Reset Log now clears hash tables used for tracking things like dupes and multipliers.

The SkookumNet window now has a splitter that can be dragged to change the vertical sizes of the Gab window and the Information table.

When autofilling pounce, SkookumLogger now ignores activities with modes not in the contest’s list of acceptable modes. Thanks JH5GHM.

The Log ► Make UTC Editable command has been removed. UTC is now always editable except when SkookumNet is enabled.

Misfeatures fixed

(Catalina only): Input/output for the YCCC SO2R Box was broken, although the device was being discovered properly by SkookumLogger. The primary symptom was that the Box firmware version did not show up in the 2T2R sub panel of Op Mode preferences. Thanks JH5GHM.

The partials pane was not being updated when unwinding stacked calls. Thanks GØDVJ.

With Correct mode on, the Run End Magic Message sent the corrected call twice. Thanks GØDVJ.

In contests with rovers, working a call that was a subset of a worked call (e.g. K6M after working K6MI) mis-identified both as rovers. Thanks WA1Z.

The algorithm for determining the calendar date for “last full weekend” was broken, affecting the start date for CQ WW CW this year. Thanks JH5GHM.

NMB (Not My Bug): JH5GHM noted that the About window text is black instead of white in Dark Mode. That seems to be an Apple bug; the Apple-supplied window is botched in Mojave and OK in Catalina for the same version of SkookumLogger.

2.4.9 2019-09-15

New features

‘150’ has been added to the list of special strings that are ignored when trying to extract a valid call sign from idiocies like W1AW/150.


In contests with rovers (QSO parties), when you log a QSO that appears to be a dupe SkookumLogger now first looks to see if you have worked that call before in a different location. If so, it turns on the rover flag for both QSOs; otherwise it proceeds as before — the QSO is indeed duplicate. Thanks WA1Z.

Misfeatures fixed

The Pass Window was always showing NO CALL. Thanks JH5GHM.

The Start Date was wrong for the All Asian SSB DX contest. Thanks JH5GHM.

SkookumLogger was not guessing prefill for the Info field when the call was a mobile station.

A Magic Message with more than one occurrence of the message-N token was being parsed incorrectly, resulting in garbage after the first occurrence of the token. Thanks G4EUW and GØDVJ.

2.4.8 2019-08-30

New features

Added the ARRL Maxim Birthday Celebration contest. Some of the nuttier features of the rules are not supported, including the one-time ‘DX’ multiplier and a few of the bonuses. The “/150” suffix is also obnoxious; SkookumLogger will truncate your sent call in Cabrillo output when the call has more than 13 characters. I wasn’t planning to support this until a last-minute request arrived, so my limited testing has probably missed something.


Changed Cabrillo code for Hawaii QSO Party from HQP to HI-QSO-PARTY. Also customized the coordinates for the multipliers; something to do while waiting for a new QSO opportunity.

Changed “Ohio QSP Party in Ohio” to “Ohio QSO Party in Ohio”. SkookumLogger will complain when you open a log with the old name. Thanks AF8A.

Updated the Cabrillo QSO record output for changed exchange in Ohio QSO Party. Thanks AF8A.

Updated QSO points for rules change in Tennessee QSO Party. Also add K4TCG bonus points.

Modified duplicate-testing for contests with rovers so that duplicates are identified as soon as call is entered, except when the call has been flagged as a rover. In that case, the call is adorned with needed multiplier font and possibly-needed multiplier color, and updated when you enter the location. Thanks AF8A.

Modified cosmetics in SkookumLogger Panadapter and in the map displays.

Misfeatures fixed

The new Toggle Recent Log feature caused a rare crash, sometimes required two tries to toggle, and got confused if you used the Open Recent command. Thanks WA1Z.

Fuzzy matching was failing to underline the last character in partially-matched calls.

2.4.7 2019-08-21

New features

The new File ► Toggle Recent Log command alternates between the top two logs in the Recent Logs list. You might use this to alternate between two logs while operating in concurrent contests with different exchanges, for example. Thanks WA1Z.

The new File ► Import WSJT-X ADIF command inserts QSOs from the wsjtx_log.adi log file into your current log. QSOs that already exist in the current log are ignored. The imported time stamp is for the end of the QSO.

The new World Wide DIGI DX Contest log type, in the World Wide group of the New Log chooser, provides post-contest support for this contest. Create a log, set up the Cabrillo sheet and sent exchange with your information, then use the Import WSJT-X command to load the log with the QSOs from WSJT-X. SkookumLogger can then be used to prepare the Cabrillo file for submission, and to display the usual assortment of statistics — such as your score.

Practice mode now supports the NAQP CW contest. The list of supported contests is IARU, RDXC, ARRL DX Outside, NAQP, zones-only (CQ WW DX) and serials-only (WAE).


SkookumNet is now layered on a different Apple networking framework. Appearance and behavior has not changed, with a few exceptions. See the updated SkookumNet section in Help. Note: the network browser sheet doesn't display correctly in Dark appearance, but does function properly.

For WAE only, the prohibit icon (🚫) appears next to an activity call when either the station has previously refused your request to exchange QTCs (which you set via Activity ► Call Refused QTC), or when you have already exchanged 10 QTCs with the station. Otherwise, if you can exchange QTCs, the activity is marked with the sharp character (#). “Can” means the activity is for the right mode, and one of you and the activity is in EU while the other is not. Thanks JH5GHM.

For CW mode, SkookumLogger now automatically sends 5NN when sending the exchange message (& token) and the log has a Sent Report entry field. The sent report message token, “^”, is gone. Messages in existing logs and default messages in your preferences files are quietly modified to remove the ^ token. If this cleanup didn’t work, you will hear “MN” — what the WinKeyer sends for the ^ character. For Data messages, use the Data Messages Editor to include 599. You can also do this in the Morse Messages Editor when you want to send 5NN in a contest where the sent report is optional. Bottom line, you no longer need to edit messages for new logs to add or remove sent reports depending on contest rules. Thanks W6FB.

In the RSGB IOTA contest, SkookumLogger now pre-fills the “IOTA Reference” field with a hyphen when a better guess is not available.

The internal table of IOTA References has been updated.

The time needed to load or rebuild a log has been reduced by eliminating initialization of irrelevant checksheets.

Misfeatures fixed

WAE band-dependent multiplier weighting was not being applied in computing the score. Thanks JH5GHM.

In the NAQP contest, SkookumLogger was guessing “K” for the state of calls not found in your Exchange database. Thanks W6FB.

Correct Last QSO was failing to change a non-empty exchange field when that field still had keyboard focus. Thanks JH5GHM.

Fuzzy matching with underlining of not-matched characters in known calls was failing to underline the first character when it was not matched. Thanks GØDVJ.

The definition of AN004 IOTA information had a typo.

2.4.6 2019-07-27

New features

Katsuhiro, JH5GHM, has provided code that specializes the general-purpose Levenshtein distance code for the case of matching a partial call against a known call. For CW mode, the code also considers the distances between morse characters. The result allows ordering the list of known calls in the Partials pane by their likelihood. This alternative partials-matching approach is named “fuzzy similarity“ in SkookumLogger. See the Partial Call Matching topic in the Log Window section of Help.

When the call in the Call entry field is exactly the same as a call in the partials list, the background color of the Call entry field is changed. Use the Entry Field Background Highlight Color color well in Logging preferences to choose a highight color that is compatible with your needed color choices. See the Fonts and Colors topic in the Log Window section of Help.

The new entry field highlight color is also used to identify exchange fields that have been pre-filled. See the new Exchange Pre-fill topic in the Log Window section of Help.

Beacon CQ mode now has a pause state, entered when you interrupt a CQ while the mode is active. Tapping CQ resumes the mode. See the Beacon CQ discussion in the CW Messages topic of the Messages section in Help.

Practice mode now supports WAE for outside entrants by limiting all callers to be in WAE countries.


The mode for a spot received from DX Cluster with frequency that matches an “official” FT8 frequency is set to Data.

Log ► Move QSO from Pounce to Run now positions the cursor at the end of the call. Thanks W2RU.

Misfeatures fixed

Parsing of WWV forecast messages from DX Cluster was broken for A values with more than one digit. Thanks W2CS.

Creating an activity when changing receive frequency via clicking in Panadapter window was setting the new activity to the clicked-on frequency instead of the previous frequency.

2.4.5 2019-06-26

New features

Practice mode supports the All Asian DX Contest, generating random ages between 00 and 99 inclusive.

Practice mode supports IARU HF Championship, with a mixture of IARU HQ callers and other callers.

Several new preferences in the Practice preferences pane determine the likelihood of a caller sending ‘?’ or 'NR' instead of his exchange. See the Practice Preferences topic in the Preferences section in Help.

SkookumLogger now knows how to parse the AR-Cluster response to the sh/wwv command. See the DX Cluster Preferences topic in the Preferences section of Help.

The call text field now supports call completion. See the QSO Data Entry topic in the Log Window section of Help.

To receive and assign buddy color to all spots for calls with a special prefix, such as GB19, add the prefix with a trailing asterisk, such as GB19*, to your buddy list and choose Update Spot Filter in DX Cluster preferences.

Maps ► Show Worked Countries draws a dot at the cty.dat coordinate for each worked country in the current log. These dots are drawn only when the log has country multipliers and Maps ► Show Target Point is on and a target point is not being drawn.

The EA4TX rotator controller is now supported for setting and displaying rotator azimuth and for stopping rotation. Thanks VA7GI.

The File ► Update IARU HQ Call History menu item updates the pre-fill database from the public distribution provided by N6TV. See the Databases section in Help.


Pre-fill is no longer disabled in Practice mode.

When you enter a partial call with one or more question marks, the partials list has known calls that have the same number of characters as the partial call with single alphanumeric characters in place of question marks. Otherwise, the list has known calls that contain the partial call. The first call in the list is the exact match if there is one, followed by calls found in the log or in your Exchange archive, followed by calls in SCP. See the Partial Call Matching topic in the Log Window section of Help.

To see spots for yourself, add your call to your Buddies list.

The Enable Immediate Morse Mode preference is gone. It was a vestigial item with no effect.

The Keyboard Mode menu item has been moved from the View menu to the Morse menu.

The "Cutify all zeros in serial numbers" preference is gone; you can still cutify leading zeros. This change is a feeble objection to the sad trend towards substituting letters for digits, which destroys information important for decoding serial numbers in difficult conditions.

A relevant status message is now shown in the appropriate QSO entry box when refusing to log an incomplete QSO.

The DXCuster status icon is now a button. The button is bright when logged in and dimmed when not logged in. Clicking the button toggles the DXCluster connection, just as if you opened DX Cluster preferences and clicked the Log In/Log Out button there.

Exchange Archive now converts the All Asian contest Age exchange value between age and birth year, so that pre-fill works in subsequent years. Small assumption: the conversion assumes that the same birth year applies for both dates of the contest. Log ► Reset Log does not update the age in your sent exchange.

Mouse click gestures in Activity tables now use a single click instead of a double-click.

Location Services now is (optionally) used while SkookumLogger is running to update the grid in the sent exchange for the current log. The option check box has moved from the Sent Exchange pane of New Log preferences to the Sent Exchange Editor, and has been renamed Autoset Grid. The option is hidden when the sent exchange doesn’t include the Grid field. See the Sent Exchange Editor topic in Other Windows section in Help.

Misfeatures fixed

Cabrillo output for TB-WIRES overlay category did not conform to the standard. Thanks W6FB and GØDVJ.

Cabrillo SOAPBOX records did not conform to the limitation on length imposed by the standard. Only the CQWW WPX web robot author was anal enough to care.

Practice mode got confused when the set of callers had calls where one call was a subset of another, such as SM6V and SM6VVT. Thanks JH5GHM.

Clicking the close in the window that appears when you choose File ► Change Log’s Contest Rules was hanging SkookumLogger. Thanks W6FB.

The URL for ARRL HF June Web submittal was incorrect. Thanks WA1Z.

SkookumLogger failed to close WinKeyer Host Mode when quitting. Thanks KK7A.

2.4.4 2019-05-14

New features

A special version of the Sent Exchange Editor is provided for NEQP Inside entrants. The editor improves ease of changing the sent exchange county-state information. Thanks WA1Z.


Guard against a crash caused by unsafe duplicate testing in the New QSO Party contests.

Guard against missing radio mode in Activity table entries.

Activity tables redraw when the radio mode changes.

Radio pseudo-activities appear in two tables in 2T2R.

Always show subreceiver psuedo-activity when radio has a subreceiver, independent of operating mode.

Panadapter subreceiver bar is shown only when K3 subreceiver is on.

Helvetia contest is now located in the World Wide group because it is now an everybody-works-everybody event.

Misfeatures fixed

Radio pseudo-activities were mysteriously disappearing from Activity tables. Thanks GØDVJ.

The Run/Radio 1 Call entry field was wrapping text instead of scrolling like the other call entry field. Thanks JH5GHM.

Testing for duplicates when working rovers in the New QSO Party Inside contest was failing to consider the rover’s county. Thanks WA1Z.

Connecting to a KAP500 amplifier was failing immediately with a timeout message. Thanks W6FB.

Detection of KPA500 on/off state was failing when the amplifier was turned off by tapping the ON button on the amplifier panel.

2.4.3 2019-04-20

New features

Messages preferences has a new tab, SSB, for defining which radio DVR message to play for certain Messages menu items. See the Voice Messages topic in the Messages section of Help.

For contests with serial numbers in the sent exchange, the serial number for the previous QSO is now prominently displayed as an aid in SSB contesting. See the About Serial Numbers topic in the Messages section of Help for additional information.


SkookumLogger is now a notarized app.

Misfeatures fixed

The FT-950 radio code was not reporting end-of-play for DVR messages. Thanks MIØHOZ.

The new FTdx-3000 NO DVR radio module works around an issue with the BKIN state for users that do not have or do not use the DVR option. Thanks GØDVJ, M3NGC, G4EUW.

Clearing a QSO while keyboard focus was in a not-empty QSO entry field other than Call failed to clear that entry field.

JIDX contest was using ITU zones instead of CQ zones, and was failing to test that valid QSOs are between Inside Japan and Outside Japan entrants.

In contests with mandatory off periods (typically, QSO parties with two separate start-stop times), QSO made after the last start time were being logging but excluded from scoring. Thanks WA1Z, W6SX.

2.4.2 2019-03-22

New features

1T2R new option: Use Radio 2 as second receiver. When Run has transmit focus, the Pounce frequency tracks Radio 2 main receive frequency instead of tracking Radio 1 subreceiver frequency. The default choice is off. And, 1T2R new option: Second receiver listens to Run frequency when pouncing. When Pounce has transmit focus, the subreceiver or second receiver listens to the Run frequency. The default choice is on. Don’t forget to establish a serial connection to Radio 2.

Practice mode now supports RDXC (outside). You send serial, callers in UA UA2 UA9 send oblast, other callers send serial. Some Russians may send serial because they are not found in the oblast database that SkookumLogger constructs from the AD1C countries database.

The content of the QSO Notes field is exported to the ADIF COMMENTS field. Thanks N1XF.

The new radio type, K3r, is identical to K3 except that baud rate is 9600 instead of 38400 for use with certain remote station configurations. Thanks W2RE.


More comprehensive and readable rate statistics tables provided by JH5GHM.

Exchange prefill (for any contest) is now disabled when Practice mode is enabled.

Non-ARCluster nodes (DB0SUE, GM7MBC, EA7URC) have been removed from the default DX Cluster node list.

The Telsa Memorial HF CW QSO points computation has been updated and 40m added to 80m as the two contest bands. Nice of them to inform logger authors (they didn’t).

The app menu once again has an Automatically Check for Updates item. If enabled, the check happens when SkookumLogger starts if the last check was more than a day ago. You might want to disable this check when you aren’t confident that you have a good internet connection.

The QSO Status string for a (known) Rover in QSO parties now appends “Duplicate” when appropriate.

When grabbing a spot, the call field content is deselected so that the call appears with appropriate needed color instead of white (in dark mode).

Misfeatures fixed

In 2T2R with alternating CQ and 2BSIQ audio routing enabled, CQ wasn't starting after End QSO. Fixed by JH5GHM.

The Total rate table in Statistics reports had an incorrect title. Thanks W2RU.

The Morse ► Key Down command wasn’t a proper toggle.

The Generic QSO Party module was missing sent and received report fields.

Fixed a mistake affecting CW sent serial in 2BSIQ. Thanks JH5GHM.

BeginQSO wasn't triggering DVR message 2 (exchange) in Run mode.

In 2T2R with either radio in pounce sub mode, DVR messages were sent on the wrong radio. Thanks JH5GHM.

In 2T2R, the Defend DVR message was sent on the wrong radio. Thanks JH5GHM.

In 2T2R with 2BSIQ audio routing enabled, in some cases it was not possible to about DVR sending. Thanks JH5GHM.

2.4.1 and several 2.4.2 beta versions suffered crashes involving processing activities. I was unable to reproduce those crashes myself, but with crash reports provided by AF8A and G3CO, and with remarkable patience by GØJWQ as he tested several betas with tentative fixes during the RDXC contest at G3CO, I believe this release has resolved the issue.

2.4.1 2019-02-03

This release repairs the problem with checking for updates that was introduced in 2.4.0. If you had already downloaded that version, visit the web site to download this version. Sorry!

2.4.0 2019-02-01

New features

SkookumLogger now conforms to the requirements of the macOS Sandbox technology. The first time you run this version, your existing preferences and support files will be moved to a location protected by the sandbox. You may need to manually open a log file the first time you run the new version. Also, you may need to choose your map (Great Circle and/or Maidenhead Map) again. Of course you can still open and use your existing logs.

NOTE Sandboxing has apparently broken the Check for Updates… feature. With this release, you can see release notes for newer versions, but attempting to update will fail with an unhelpful “try again later” message. You can download from the web site to work-around this issue.

The new File ► Export Phone Band Edges and File ► Import Phone Band Edges commands are used to see the current sub-band lower edge values (export) and to change them (import). The exported file is plain text in the format expected when importing; use any file name you like. Imported definitions are remembered until you do another import. If you previously had a PhoneBandLowerEdgeFrequencies.txt file, SkookumLogger will continue to use those values until you do an export/import cycle.

When composing emails for submitting Cabrillo logs, SkookumLogger is no longer allowed to send the message. Instead, Mail will display the composed message, and SkookumLogger will display this reminder:

You can now grab text from the Text Decode window into the Call field for the entry box that has keyboard focus by double-clicking (double-clicking selects all text to the left and right of the click point, out to the nearest white-space). Thanks WA1Z.

The Help Book has been reorganized and some content has been updated. GØDVJ has prepared a new version of the Guide, now linked in the Help menu and on the SkookumLogger page of the web site. This Hints page on the web site has a new document describing the SkookumLogger Panadapter feature, and another brief document describing how to duplicate a log.


The internal RSGB Clubs database has been updated by parsing the source for the RSGB web page containing the table. There were 71 differences between the new database and the previous version, which was done about a year ago.

Support for uploading directly to LoTW has been removed. Instead, export your log to Cabrillo or ADIF and load that into tqsl or your preferred awards-tracking app.

The table created by File ► Rate Breakdown Report now has columns for QSO rate, point rate, and their ratio. The row background color alternates, and the text color is de-emphasized for cells containing zeros. Thanks JH5GHM.

Misfeatures fixed

Selected text in the Text Decode window stalls scrolling. It still does, but now when you grab text it is also deselected so that scrolling resumes. Thanks WA1Z.

2T2R 2BSIQ behavior with WinKeyer was different from Practice mode. Thanks JH5GHM.