SkookumLogger does not interact with any other applications on your computer except your browser and Mail. The browser is used to display reports created by SkookumLogger and to visit web sites as discussed below. Mail is, optionally, used to send a Cabrillo file to a contest sponsor or the Super Check Partial database maintainer.

Mailing Address

The mailing address information that you provide in New Log Cabrillo preferences and customize in Log > Cabillo Settings... is copied into the Cabrillo file. Sponsors use this information to send you emails, for example acknowledging receipt of your entry, and for sending you awards such as certificates or plaques.


If you allow access to Location Services, SkookumLogger uses your computer‘s coordinates to determine your grid, and for computing distances and bearings to other stations.


If you allow access to your computer‘s Camera, SkookumLogger searches for an external video input device and, if found, enables display of the video in the Panadapter window.


If you allow access to incoming network connections, SkookumLogger can communicate with other computers running SkookumLogger on your local area network.

External Connections

SkookumLogger reads and writes text from/to a DX Cluster connection.

SkookumLogger reads databases from the Countries and Super Check Partial web sites and sends text files in Cabrillo format to the Super Check Partial server.

SkookumLogger provides several contesting-related URLs in the Help menu.

SkookumLogger periodically sends score reports to a score distribution site.

All of these connections are optional.