Interfacing with Flex Radios

John, K1JSM, provided the information below. Please contact John if you have issues.

Using a Flex radio with SkookumLogger requires communication between SkookumLogger and third-party software, instead of communicating with real hardware. SkookumLogger assumes the third-party software is SmartSDR for MacOS, available on the App Store and that SmartSDR is running on the same computer as SkookumLogger. To configure the connection:

Radio 1 in SkookumLogger corresponds to CAT Control 1 in SmartSDR, and similarly for Radio 2. Each radio should use a different port.

See Section 4 in the SmartSDR for Mac manual for more information.

Using xCat

As of SmartSDR version 2.3.06, there is a significant lag between changing frequency in SmartSDR and having the new frequency show in SkookumLogger. A workaround is to use the xCat application from Tom, DL3LSM. To configure this connection:

Test by changing frequencies in SmartSDR. SkookumLogger entry window should follow frequency changes almost instantly. Another test: open an activity window in Skookum, select a band, click on a spot and the radio should be immediately tuned to that spot’s frequency and mode.